Ligaw Na Bulaklak

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Ligaw na Bulaklak is a 1976 drama film directed by Ishmael Bernal. Though not one of Bernal's more famous films, the movie gains merit through its tackling of morality.



An innocent young woman (Alma Moreno) who sells flowers in a small-town cabaret frequented by down-and-out prostitutes is lusted after by the son of a school principal, played by Anita Linda. An aging gardener (Vic Silayan) takes her in to try to protect her from the harsh world, though secretly, he too lusts after the young girl, in spite of his impotence cause by the war.

She goes to school, where morality and empty platitudes are mouthed, but the attempts at life's lessons are foiled by the realities of the cabaret world. While the school and the gardener try to protect her innocence, the young girl is lured by the temptation of the worldly cabaret, and her womanhood is awakened.


With this film, Yvonne, once called the "Queen of Bomba" movies in the early 1970's, was redeemed as a serious dramatic actress. For her supporting role as a prostitute with a heart of gold, Yvonne won a Best Supporting Actress Award. Silayan, too, was judged as Urian's Best Actor for 1976. The film also won awards for Best Production Design and Best Editing.






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