Legend of the Cashew Nut

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Cashew fruit and nut

The Legend of the Cashew Nut reveals why the seed is outside the fruit.

A long time ago, in a far away forest, the seed inside the cashew fruit often wonder about the world outside. One day, the seed heard some merriment and revelry of different animals in the forest and asked, "What is the cause of all the noise outside? Oh, if I can only release myself from this dark chamber!" He couldn't do anything but listen and pray for his release.

A kind-hearted fairy, who joined the celebration heard his wish. The fairy took pity on the cashew nut and said, "You poor little thing! From now on, you will be outside this fruit so that you can enjoy the outside world" and in one gentle touch, the nut was immediately out of the fruit.

The seed was overwhelmed with the brightness and beauty of the outside world. He closed his eyes and savored the fragrance of the flowers and the gentle touch of the breeze. The seed was so excited that he wished that he would never return to the life of darkness that he used to live in. The fairy granted his wish.

The seed relished the sight of the festivity and enjoyed the world around him. However, after a few hours the revelry stopped and the animals started to retreat, hoping to take shelter. In a moment, the sky was filled with dark clouds, the wind blew hard and rain fell heavily. The heavy raindrops painfully hit his skin, the gentle breeze is now a strong gust of wind that seems to sweep him away from the fruit that used to be his shelter and the deafening thunder and lightning raised his fear even more.

The seed called the fairy and begged to return him back to his old shelter where he is safe. The fairy seems to be nowhere in sight and nobody seemed to hear his plea. Once the storm has stopped, the fairy once more appeared and saw the seed begging to be returned to his chamber.

The fairy said, "I will not return you to your chamber, I want to teach you a lesson. Be contented with what you have. Appreciate whatever God has given you." Then the fairy left.

From then on, the cashew nut can be found outside the fruit unlike all other fruits.




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