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Legend of Mount Mayon by David Nocido

The Legend of Mount Mayon has become a part of the life of the people living in Daraga, Albay mainly because the mountain itself plays a big part in their beliefs, practices, culture and celebrations. The Magayon Festival was celebrated in commemoration of this legend. Because of the rich oral tradition of telling stories the there came different versions of the legends where they tackle a tragic love story of a beautiful damsel and a brave warrior. These legends were believed to be the reason of the mounting of the beautiful volcano.


First Version of the Legend


  • Daragang Magayon - the beautiful lady from the Kabikulan and the love interest of Panganoron and Paratuga. Her grave was believed to be in the place where Mount Mayon has risen.
  • Panganoron - the love interest of Daragang Magayon, a tagalog warrior, which means their love affair is prohibited.
  • Paratuga - a rich but celfish native in Kabikolan who aims to win Daragang Magayon's heart.
  • Tiong Makusog - the chief of the village and the loving father of Daragang Makusog who was abducted by Paratuga so that the damsel will be forced to marry him.


The legend tells the story of the most beautiful maiden named Daragang Magayon in Bikolandia or Kabikolan, long before the separation of the Philippines to mainland Asia. During those times, it is prohibited for a maiden to marry a man living outside the Kabikulan. Though Daragang Magayon had a native and rich but selfish suitor named Paratuga, she fell in love with a stranger, a Tagalog, named Panganoron.

One night, she told her father Tiong Makusog about her love affair with the stranger and though it is prohibited and it hurts the father's heart to know that his only daughter is in love with a stranger he still told her that he will find the best way to fulfill the wish of his daughter. Unfortunately, Paratuga kidnapped Tiong Makusog and demanded Daragang Makusog to marry him in exchange of the life of his father. When Daragang Makusog learned about this, she hurriedly went to the house of Paratuga and agreed to marry him.

Then the date of the marriage is announced. When the news finally reached Panganoron he planned to save the girl he loves and decide to throw a war against Paratuga. The war happened on the day of the wedding and there Daragang Magayon was killed with a stray arrow and when Panganoron is holding the weak body of the beloved, he was attacked from behind. Both of them were killed.

Tiong Makusog buried his daughter along with all her belongings including the bride price given by Paratuga. The inhabitants of the land were surprised to the grave of Daragang Magayon into a hill. Also at the top of that hill were clouds that busrt out rain. And at night the people experience thundering noises of rolling stones and earthquakes. The hill kept growing and growing. Today, it is now known as The Mayon Volcano, deriving its name from "Magayon" and the name of the town Daraga is derived from Daragang.

Second Version of the Legend


  • Magayon - A fierce chief who is very possessive of his beautiful niece.
  • Princess (unnamed) - A beautiful damsel who has a very possessive uncle that prohibits anyone who dares ask her hands for marriage.
  • Warrior (unnamed) - a brave man who surpasses all the challenges of Magayon to get the heart of the princess.
Mount Mayon


There was a man named Magayon who had a very beautiful niece, the princess. He was so possessive of her that no one has ever dared to ask foe the hands of the princess, for whoever does, they are subjected to the challenges of his wrath. One day a brave young warrior was enchanted by the beauty of the princess and asked for the help of the wind to pass through the royal chamber and enticed the girl to elope with him.

Magayon learned about what the two did and followed them. The two asked for the assistance of the Gods. And suddenly, out of nowhere, a landslide buried the raging uncle alive. The locals believed that it was the wrath of Magayon that brought about the eruption of the Mount Mayon.

Third Version of the Legend


  • Daragang Magayon - the beautiful daughter of the chief that reign over the entire Bicol.
  • Handiong - a prince from another tribe, the enemy of the tribe of Daragang Magayon.


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