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Learning Resources Management and Development System or LRMDS is aimed at improving entry in various aspects of quality education, instruction and growth of teaching force resources in fundamental education. It is one of the projects instituted by STRIVE, a program supported by the AusAID to help provide better access to quality education in different regions. This is attained through the building of a method for developing, managing, evaluating, publishing, storing and distributing educational materials for both learners and professional staff.


Web portal development

A web portal has been developed by the LRMDS to make available to educators both digital and non digital learning and teaching materials such as training modules, activity sheets, assessment resources, books, teaching guides, model lesson plans, and etc. These materials can be opened and downloaded as well as copied and printed and reviewed. Copying and use of some resources for publication and reproduction are however restricted by intellectual and property rights.

LRMDS web portal is easily navigable and reader friendly. It has a catalogue that serves as a search medium. The catalogue contains information on the resource, the grade level to which the material caters to and recommendations as to what special types of learners the resource is applicable. However LRMDS web portal system has certain policies that need to be observed when extracting materials from the site. Several teams such as the C3, NEAP, ICT, IMCS and BEAM with the National Learning Strategies (TWG) Technical Working Group worked hand in hand to come up with technical standards in arranging the resources in a catalogue.

Service areas

LRMDS extends its services all over Central, Regional, Division and Cluster Lead School levels of the Department of Education. To maintain and administer its operations, each school level assumes specific functions and roles which in turn define the competence of the various levels.


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