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Latus prod still.jpg
A Production Still from the Movie
Directed by John Paul Seniel
Produced by Cordaid, Save the Children Sweden, Amalia Bandiola Cabusao
Written by Jermen Piquero...
Starring Analie Locion
Nellie Fe Angot
Cinematography Robinson Ninal Jr.
Editing by Michael Patrick Limbaga, Joel Epis
Language Filipino

Latus is a short film included in the Cinemalaya Film Festival in 2009. It is a true to life based-story about a girl named Vicknelyn, who was raised by her father with physical abuse and Jenelza, a friend of Vicknelyn. They are both 16 years old and studied in the same school but differ in social status. Although they live different kinds of lives, they both experience corporal punishment at home. To escape from the pain, Vicknelyn joined a gang called Kuyaw, whose members' have the same experience as hers. While Vicknelyn is engaged into a gang, Jenelza on the other hand decides to focus on her studies.

On one occasion where Jenelza came to visit Vicknelyn, she witnessed how Vicknelyn's father punishes the girl and this caused her to be traumatized. She begins to realize how much in common they have and decided to open up to Vicknelyn about her situation at home. The movie tells about how corporal punishment happens everywhere, in the family, withing friends/barkada or gang or in the school.


Production Staff

  • Director - John Paul Seniel
  • Director of Photography - Robinson Ninal Jr.
  • Videographer - Joel Epis, Julius Masayon, Norlito Morata, Robinson Ninal Jr.
  • Editors - Michael Patrick Limbaga, Joel Epis
  • Original Story - Jermien Piquero, Joaisa Alpha, Phobeluna Lozano, Annalie Lucion, Nellie Fe Angot, Eddielyn Emnacin Elsie Abella, Vicky Yalong, Christie Fe Andrada
  • Producers - Cordaid, Save the Children Sweden
  • Co-Producer - Amalia Bandiola Cabusao


  • Analie Lucion - Vicknelyn
  • Nellie Fe Angot - Jenelza
  • Pepito Rosauro - Papa Perdic
  • Farrah Jane Ferrando - Auntie Yolanda
  • John Paul S. Seniel - Father of young Perdic
  • John Mark Suma - Young Perdic/boy walking
  • Perla Angot - Asawa/wife
  • Nelson Angot - Bana/Husband
  • Floripis Tornis, Evelyn Formarejo, Rebecca Tuban - The Tsismosas
  • Grace Apat - Tindera
  • Elsie Abella - Palang
  • Joaiza Alpa - Daday
  • Regine Genilza - Lani
  • Irish Labod - Rica
  • Eddielyn Emnacin - Renen
  • Joel Epis - Ricky
  • Julius Masayon - Mac-Mac
  • Norkie Anadia




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