Last Supper No. 3

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Last Supper No. 3

Last supper 3.jpg
Last Supper No. 3
Directed by Veronica B. Velasco
Produced by Veronica B. Velasco
Pablo Biglang-awa, Jr.
John Silva
Written by Winston Villanueva Acuyong
Starring Joey Paras
Jojit Lorenzo
JM de Guzman
Beverly Salviejo
Debraliz Valesoto
Dante Balois
Ness Roque
Andoy Ranay
Music by Dan Gil
Cinematography Mo Zee
Distributed by Cinemalaya Foundation
Release date(s) 2009
Country Flag of the PhilippinesPhilippines
Language Tagalog
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Last Supper No. 3 is a full-length independent film directed by Veronica B. Velasco. The film won as the Best Full-Length Film in 2009 Cinemalaya Film Festival, a yearly competition and festival of independent films and cinematic works of Filipino filmmakers and aspirants who boldly present and interpret Filipino life with fresh and artistic insights.



Based on a true story, Last Supper No. 3 is a humorous look at the circuitous path our legal system takes to justice. Assistant Production Designer Wilson Nañawa is tasked to look for a Last Supper to use as a prop for a TV commercial. He finds three, but loses the one owned by Gareth Pugeda. What happens next changes Wilson forever as he spends the next two years entangled in bureaucracy and red tape facing estafa and serious physical injury charges. How will this ordinary man fare against a system he knows nothing about? Will justice prevail for Wilson? Or will he be imprisoned for the loss of Last Supper No. 3?


"This may be the first and most successful film ever to deal with the Filipino legal system (to be fair, there aren't a lot of Filipino films on the system to start with, and--a comedy? No surprise there). The film's courthouse may be the first and most successful attempt to re-create Dicken's Chancery in Southeast Asia--the very incarnation of hell on earth, duly notarized, signed by witnesses, typed out in triplicate." -- Law and ordure by Noel Vera

"Last Supper No. 3 makes fun of the legal nightmare that is the Philippine judicial system. It's a boring premise, but because directors Veronica Velasco & Jinky Laurel know very well not to take the topic too seriously, they veered away from the tendencies to preach about red tape and bureaucracy, The result? A courthouse comedy that is satirical and socially relevant." -- "PEP REVIEW: Last Supper No. 3" by Fidel Antonio Medel

"This is Velasco's outstanding feat. She decides to expose a rotten system through humor yet instead of completely fabricating the story, she allows the case to speak for itself, making the absurdity several notches more alarming. Last Supper No. 3 is funny not only because it centers on a man who was showered with a downpour of misfortune but also because we know it is very real, and the only plausible thing we can do about it is laugh." -- Francis Cruz, on his blog Lessons from the School of Inattention


The film features special appearances of veteran actors Maricel Soriano (clerk), Ricky Davao (policeman), and Liza Lorena.




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