Larong Pinoy (book)

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Book cover of Larong Pinoy

Larong Pinoy is a children's book written by Estelita B. Capiña with the help of Lydia P. Lalunio. It was published in 2001 by LG&M Corporation, an affiliate of Vibal Publishing located in Quezon City.

About the Book

Larong Pinoy is a book that will introduce children to the games their parents and grandparents enjoyed playing in the past. This is to show them that there are other games which they can enjoy aside from the emerging state-of-the-art video and computer games.

The traditional Filipino games that are included in the book are: sipa, luksong tinik, siklot, sorpresa sa supot, tumbang preso, trumpo, takip-silim, saranggola ni pepe, palo sebo, pabitin, paluan ng palayok, karera ng sako, taguan, patintero, hulaan mo, ibon, lipad, holen, karera ng bao, karera ng tiyakad, gabi at araw, at laglag panyo.



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