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Krus na Ligas(KNL) is a barangay within the vicinity of the University of the Philippines Diliman Campus, which in itself is within the territorial jurisdiction of Barangay UP Campus. It is located near Carlos P. Garcia Avenue and belongs to the 4th District of Quezon City.



The community has been existing for almost 378 years. The name Krus na Ligas is derive from a folklore. According to the lore, the people living there was building their church when they saw a Ligas, which is a kind of tree, shaped like a cross.

Informal Settlers?

During 1705, there were only 30 families living there. They expanded their territories and agricultural lands. But they haven't applied for its land title under the Torrens System, which grants a landowner a certificate that he or she is the owner of the land.

In April 2, 1949, President Elpidio Quirino sold the 394 hectare land of KNL to the University of the Philippines for one peso. And then on 1965, UP filed a case against the people of KNL, saying they are informal settlers. The issue has not yet been resolve today.

The Community

Today, people living in KNL enjoy their livelihood. Boarding houses, restaurants, internet cafes, laundry shops, and other business establishments are sprouting in the area.

Students and young teachers alike benefit from the low rent and cheap prices offered at KNL. Despite this, however, the community continues to face threats of demolition because of its "squatter" status on UP-owned land.

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