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Kim Jacinto Henares is the commissioner of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) for the Aquino administration.



Henares took up accounting in De La Salle University (DLSU) then law in Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU), with second honors upon completion. She took her Masters in Law in Georgetown where she was a B student. She said that she became good with numbers as she had advanced math classes in Chinese school while her interest in law started during her high school days since she liked debating.


She worked as tax lawyer in two reputable law offices in the country and as head of compliance and legal affairs at ING Bank.

Prior to her appointment as head of the BIR, Henares served as BIR deputy commissioner for special concerns during the Arroyo Administration. During that time, Henares also spearheaded the “Run After Tax Evaders” (RATE) operation, which led to cases being filed against celebrities Judy Ann Santos, Regine Velasquez and Richard Gomez.

Henares also served as a senior private sector development specialist for the International Finance Corporation (IFC)/World Bank. While working at the World Bank, she was already helping the BIR on a reform project concerning the country's USD 11 million loan.

Henares was appointed BIR Commissioner in July 2010. She was given security detail and in February 2011, she took up target shooting as she wanted to know how to shoot a gun so that she wouldn't be a liability. She said that she has all calibers of guns- 9, 40, 45, and long guns which are all kept at home in a locked cabinet.

With Henares at the helm, BIR has improved its collections unlike the past administration that missed targets. She has been chasing evaders and crooked bureaucrats to clean up collection and the image of the bureau.

She is also trying to make tax-paying synonymous with patriotism as she often wears a T-shirt with the BIR 2012 slogan: “I love Philippines. I pay taxes.”




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