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Kennie Asuncion posed for Universal Robina

Kennie Asuncion is a 27 years old, Filipino badminton player and member of Philippine team. Kennie the eldest sister of (Kennevic Asuncion) are among the world's best (tandem) badminton team. They were the first Filipino to qualify for the World Badminton Championship. In 1997 three-star Vietnam Open (IBF star event), Kennie and Weena Asuncion were the first Philippine entry (women's doubles) to reach quarterfinals.

Career Achievement

  • 1995 Australian International Championships - Kennie Asuncion and Weena Lim - Gold medals (womens double)
  • 1997 Jakarta SEA games - Kennie Asuncion and Weena Lim - bronze medals (womens doubles individual events.)
  • 2001 Bangkok Open, - Bronze medal - Kennie and Kennevic Asuncion - (mixed doubles individual event.)
  • 2002 Canada Open, Vancouver, British Columbia. - Kennie and Kennevic - Bronze medal - (mixed doubles individual events.)
  • 2002 US Open, Orange County, California. - Kennie asuncion and Weena Lim - Bronze medal - (womens double individual event.)


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