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Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal?
Kapamilya Deal or No Deal Logo. The logo is based on the US logo.
Kapamilya Deal or No Deal Logo. The logo is based on the US logo.
Genre Game show
Created by Endemol
Starring Kris Aquino (host)
26K (models)
Country of origin Flag of the Philippines Philippines
No. of episodes 190
Running time 1 hour
Original channel ABS-CBN
Original run June 5, 2006February 23, 2007 (first season)

Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal is the Philippine franchise of Deal or No Deal, hosted by Pilipinas, Game KNB? host, Kris Aquino, which premiered on June 5, 2006 on ABS-CBN. The smallest prize has always been PHP1 (about 2¢ US, €0.01, 1p, and ¥2), but the grand prize used to be PHP2,000,000 (about US$42,000, €31,000, £21,000, and ¥5,000,000). Starting on New Year's Day, 2007 however, the show's top prize became P4,000,000 (about US$84,000, €62,000, £42,000, and ¥10,000,000). The game show's tagline is "Ang Kapalaran mo, Desisyon Mo" which in turn translates in English as "Your Fate, Your Decision." This is the first weekday primetime game show in the Philippines since the so-called primetime game show craze died down in late 2002, with Pilipinas, Game KNB?, the last remaining show among the weekday primetime game shows, reformatted into a daytime one after a relatively brief hiatus (although it had a primetime spinoff called Pasko Na, Game KNB? for three weeks on December 2005 to January 2006).

The first season of the show was supposed to run until August 25, 2006, to give way to another Endemol-produced program Pinoy Dream Academy, but its run was expanded twice, first until September 8 in the same year, and again indefinitely, because of its popularity. The season-ender for the first season was aired on February 23, 2007 to give way to the second season of Pinoy Big Brother. Although Kris announced on the May 6 edition of The Buzz that the show will return on June 4 for the second season, it will not be so as teasers for the second season do not carry a premiere date as of yet.



The Philippine version is very similar to the U.S. version of Deal or No Deal (including the logo), except for the sounds and musical scoring which were adapted from the Dutch version.

Before the game proper begins, a third party randomly places the possible amount of prize in the briefcases, which are distributed to 26 models called the 26K (identically dressed without wigs -- US style) who reveal the contents during the game. No one, including the host, knows what amounts are in the cases. Each contestant receives a new, randomly assigned set of cases. The prizes range in amounts from PHP1 to PHP4,000,000. See listing below.

After picking a case, the contestant then selects six of the remaining 25 cases, revealed one at a time. This is followed by a "phone call" by "The Banker", a mysterious figure whose face is not shown (at times a silhouette can be seen). He purportedly sits in a skybox (situated between the two audience sections) and makes an offer, via telephone to Kris (his voice is never heard) to buy the contestant's case based on the mean of the cash amounts still in play, and also based on the player's psychology. This amount is usual lower than the mean. The player is then asked by Kris the title question: "Deal or no deal?".

Should the contestant refuse the offer (by stating "No deal!"), they must choose five of the remaining cases to eliminate from consideration. The Banker makes another offer, and the game continues as before. The Banker's offer may be higher or lower than the previous offer (if a top prize is eliminated, generally the offer decreases; conversely, if lower amounts are eliminated the offer increases significantly).

The contestant is shown a button to press in case the contestant takes the banker's offer. The player can just push the button to take the offer, even without saying "Deal." On the other hand, the contestant can simply close the button's cover to imply "No Deal" without actually saying the phrase.

Subsequent rounds have the contestant withdrawing five, four, three, then two cases from play, with Banker's offer appearing in between rounds; should the contestant continue to decline The Banker's offer after the two cases were picked, he/she then eliminates one case at a time (with an intervening offer from The Banker) until two cases are left. If the player rejects the final offer, they receive whatever cash amount is contained inside the case that they originally chose.

Each contestant has several supporters (usually, three or four), who sit in a special section just off stage during his/her game. As the field of briefcases dwindles, one or more of the supporters are asked to consult with the contestant and help him/her make a decision. These exchanges have become emotional, particularly when very high and very small amounts remained and The Banker offers a large cash buyout. The contestant's supporters are typically revealed after the second Bank deal and before the third round; although if a contestant is doing well, Kris will let the game run its course for some time, often consulting the supporters when the tide begins to turn.

If in case the contestant decides to accept the offer of the Banker at the end of any round, the host will let him go on ("No deal" instead of "Deal" assumed at that point) until the end (At the end of every subsequent round, amount offered by the Banker is revealed to him and "No deal" is assumed) to determine if he made the correct decision.

Contestants, who joined through text messaging, are selected and screened with a series of interviews and tests, including a psychological one, before they appear on the show.

Case values

The currency of the amounts on the money board, on the briefcases, and offered by the Banker to the contestants is in Philippine pesos (PHP). Throughout the show, the peso sign is never used in all of the amounts on the money board, on the briefcases, and offered by the Banker to the contestants. It is because of the limited font and/or character support for the actual peso sign (a P with one or two horizontal parallel bars on the vertically middle part of its ascendant).

File:Deal sign.jpg
The left side of the money board contains the small amounts, with PHP1 as the smallest amount. The right side of the money board contains the big amounts, with PHP2,000,000 as the highest amount. Amounts that are highlighted represent those that are not yet opened. The contestant is expected to press the button & to give a two-thumbs up sign whenever he gives a "Deal" to the banker's offer.


1 1,000
5 2,500
10 5,000
25 10,000
50 25,000
75 50,000
100 100,000
150 200,000
200 300,000
300 400,000
400 500,000
500 1,000,000
750 2,000,000



On January 1, 2007, the PHP2,500 and PHP5,000 case values were replaced by the PHP75,000 and the PHP4,000,000 case values (the latter being the highest amount).

1 1,000
5 10,000
10 25,000
25 50,000
50 75,000
75 100,000
100 200,000
150 300,000
200 400,000
300 500,000
400 1,000,000
500 2,000,000
750 4,000,000


Models (The 26K)/The 26K Fanatics

As denoted, the 26K are always presented as 26 models bringing the briefcases. However, as some models take leave and are replaced by others time after time, there are in fact a total of 40 models who have appeared in the show. The following listed below are those whose full names have been confirmed. The models names marked with an asterisk at the front of their names have quit.

  • Agnes Dizon
  • Angel Chichara
  • Arbie Ramos
  • Blenda Tan
  • Candi Red
  • Cathy Beltran
  • Charisse David
  • Charmel De Asis
  • Chloe Dauden
  • Dianna Qeblawi

  • Divine Van Berckel*
  • DJ Nicolas
  • Ferleene Noguera
  • Grace Malapitan
  • Joanne De Jesus
  • Josanne Salvador
  • Karmela Chua*
  • Karz Mahal
  • Katrina Rigets
  • Kristine Legarda

  • Lena Perez
  • Lindsay Gonzales
  • Liz Alvarro
  • Lorraine Asis
  • Mae Herrera
  • Mai Moldero
  • Marcia Cruz
  • Mari Wakamiya
  • Marianne Chavez
  • Missie Cruz

  • Meral Ates
  • Mitch Garcia
  • Nathalie de Leon
  • Olive Cortez
  • Pam Ortega
  • Rechelle Moreno*
  • Rose Aban
  • Sandeeh Orbeta
  • Shiela Albeda
  • Toni Hipolito*

There are also some members who appeared for few days only, some are new members, and some are just replacements to other members of the 26K. Their full names (and some are in their nicknames) are as follows:

  • Cherryl Tolentino
  • Czarina Rosales
  • Gianina Romero
  • Fe Bolbol
  • Gda Castañeda
  • Gianne Phorigitte

  • Grace Pottoh
  • Jen Borres
  • Justine Ceniza
  • Kat-kat Valenzona
  • Keiko Ishihara
  • Kitten Tinggil

Aside from the 26K, they also get their equal share of popularity through their newly discovered fan club known as "The 26K Fanatics". The staff is headed by their president, Edwin Theo Rodriguez, who is supported with the staff's vice president, Ella Ramirez and a team of moderators who only contribute without pay, some even whom are a part of the 26K. They have also launched their own online newsletter known as TwentySix which is also headed by the same staff of moderators.

They have also launched their own online website (check external links below), as well as a Friendster account, which rates 1000+ views per month.

Kapamilya, Katext

On July 10, 2006, a text-messaging game was introduced as a new segment of the show for the viewers to participate and win cash prizes. In Katext, Deal or No Deal, there are 10 special briefcases with amounts starting from PHP5,000 to P50,000 , one of which is randomly selected for play. After a briefcase is chosen, 2 briefcases are randomly opened, after which the Banker makes an offer to buy the suitcase in play. Viewers can text whether they want to "Deal", signifying that they accept the banker's offer, or "No Deal", meaning they will accept whatever amount is in the suitcase. In the next episode, the suitcase is opened to reveal the amount it contains. If the amount in the suitcase is lower than the offer, one winner will be selected from those who texted "Deal", with the Banker's offer as the prize. If the amount in the suitcase is higher than the offer, one winner will be selected from those who texted "No Deal" to take home the amount in the suitcase. winner is chosen each day from those who texted via electronic raffle.The amounts are:

  • 5,000
  • 10,000
  • 15,000
  • 20,000
  • 25,000

  • 30,000
  • 35,000
  • 40,000
  • 45,000
  • 50,000

On November 13, 2006, a segment was made that was named: Kapamilya, Katext, Deal or No Deal. The range of the amounts inside the case still increased by PHP5,000 starting from PHP10,000, but the highest amount inside the case is PHP100,000. Same procedures still apply, but have been modified. On Monday, one briefcase and another has been chosen. The next day after the chosen briefcase has been opened, another briefcase is chosen, and the banker's offer is based on the briefcases already opened the previous day. This new process continues throughout the week.The amounts are:

  • 10,000
  • 15,000
  • 20,000
  • 25,000
  • 30,000

  • 35,000
  • 40,000
  • 45,000
  • 50,000
  • 100,000

Tulong sa Barangay

Prior to the start of the 4 Million Edition, a commercial of the show was released where barangay captains were invited to join and play as studio contestants. The aim of Tulong sa Barangay is to provide help for the needs and developments of different barangays in the Philippines by allowing the barangay captains to play as studio contestants and whatever the barangay captain will get, it will be donated to the barangay funds. A different set of text messaging instructions are given for interested barangay captains. The first episode involving barangay captains began on February 6, 2007.

Million Peso Winners

  • In the August 7, 2006 episode, Edna Amarille became the first person to win the second top prize of a million pesos, which was the largest prize in a no-deal situation at the time (the other amount left was PHP10,000 and the offer was PHP499,000). Edna claimed that omens from her late daughter prompted her to defend her chosen briefcase (number 7) all the way to the end.
  • In the September 25, 2006 episode, Elsa Payumo became the second millionaire of the show and the first millionaire on a Deal situation. She accepted the banker's offer of PHP1,127,000.
  • On December 29, 2006, Terry Lim Cua became the very first winner of the former top prize of PHP2,000,000. He is also the third millionaire winner and the first male winner. It was in this episode where the Banker was so emotional that he was showing various antics of disappointments. Terry was also incidentally a banker. The banker spoke to him over the phone and congratulated him while Kris Aquino asked for Cua's necklace and shared the closing announcement of Deal or No Deal with him in the episode. The final three unexposed values were the three highest prizes (PHP2,000,000, PHP1,000,000 and PHP500,000) and the final two briefcases contained the two highest amounts.<ref>"'Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal' hands over P2M jackpot", ABS-CBN News, December 29, 2006. </ref>
  • On February 19, 2007, former senator and PBA player Robert Jaworski accepted the final offer of PHP1,000,007, making him the fourth ever millionaire and the biggest celebrity winner. The said amount was offered twice. In fact, it and some of the other offers either contain his former jersey number (7) or have its digits add up to it. He is a big winner, beating PHP900,000 winner Bea Alonzo, despite his briefcase containing PHP2,000,000. He is the second male millionaire in a Deal situation.

Celebrity games


  • Toni Gonzaga of Gudtaym (a sitcom previously aired on the same network) hosted "Kapamilya Meal or No Meal," which was a parody of the show. Filipinos from low income brackets were invited to the studio to play for the meal they wish to eat. The contestants were literally not given dinner to eat before the game. In the pilot episode, the contestant won and got to eat tuyo (dried fish). The prizes were lechon (roasted pig) with PHP6,000 , tinolang manok (stewed chicken soup) with PHP3,000 , adobong daga (rat stewed with soy sauce), tuyo (dried fish) and asin (salt).
  • Wazzup Wazzup of Studio 23 (owned by the same network) also came up with a parody dating segment titled "Kazupista, Feel or No Feel".
  • ABC 5's Wow Maling Mali, hosted by Joey de Leon, impersonating Kris Aquino, made a spoof named "Kabaranggay, Beer or No Beer", with some males as the crossdressing version of the (less than) 26K, and a go go dancing-Banker in a covered cage, offering beer in exchange with the briefcases.
  • John En Shirley, a sitcom aired on the same network, featured an episode where the one of the title characters, John H. Puruntong (portrayed by Philippine Comedy King Dolphy) played as a contestant of the game show. The episode was aired on September 16, 2006. John fought for his briefcase until the end, refusing the banker's offer of PHP101,000. His briefcase contained PHP200,000, while the other remaining briefcase contained PHP1.
  • When the Commission on Elections opened the filing of candidacy for the midterm senatorial elections in the Philippines last January 15, 2007, several individuals applied for candidacy, even those that are considered nuisance candidates like a certain Daniel Magtira who introduced himself as Kris Aquino's husband.<ref>"Paghahain ng COC, nagsimula na", TV Patrol World, January 17, 2007. </ref> After two days, a certain Julieto Esmeralda Sr., who claims to be both a pastor and a businessman, filed his candidacy referring to himself as Mr. Deal signifying his aiming of building a culture of optimism to prevail among Filipinos. He was quoted on National TV saying "“I want people to know that the answer to everything is always ‘deal’, walang laban o bawi, always ‘deal’,"<ref>"Odd Senate bets worm into poll system flaw", GMA News, January 17, 2007. </ref> referring to the Laban o Bawi segment of GMA-7's Eat Bulaga.
  • Noynoy Aquino, Kris Aquino's brother and a senatorial candidate for the 2007 Philippine Midterm Elections, released a "Deal or No Deal" inspired political advertisement for television. In the commercial, Kris recalled how strict Noynoy was as well as how hard he struggled to take care of the family as requested by their father Ninoy Aquino prior to their father's assassination. Kris even made a "Deal" pose and catchphrase in the last part of the commercial, signifying her way of convincing the voters to vote for him. Ironically, Noynoy's response to Kris in the ad was "Ayos, Game Na", inspired from the catchphrase of Kris Aquino's game show Pilipinas, Game KNB?.

Nationwide Ratings

In the January 15, 2007 issue of BusinessWorld, a local broadsheet containing business reports, AGB-Nielsen Media Research, the official ratings provider, released for the first time the official results of its Nationwide Urban Television Audience Measurement. The NUTAM was officially launched last October 16, 2006 to determine the TV ratings and audience share of local TV programs from the different urban areas in the Philippines. The Nationwide Viewing Panel results for the week ending January 6, 2007, showed that in terms of individuals, 8 out of top 10 programs came from ABS-CBN and the P4M Edition and Original Edition of Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal, are ranked first and second, respectively. In terms of households, all top 10 programs came from ABS-CBN with the P4M Edition and Original Edition of the game show ranking first and third, respectively.<ref>"Nationwide Viewing Panel", Business World, January 15, 2007. </ref> The results prove that Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal P4M Edition is the number one TV show in the Philippines. The following are the figures of the Nationwide Viewing Panel:

Nationwide Viewing Panel Results All Individuals

Rank Show Title Rating Audience Share
1 Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal P4M Edition 18.1 48.1
2 Super Inggo 17.5 48.6
3 Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal (Original) 17.2 51.2
4 Maging Sino Ka Man 15.8 50.1
5 Komiks 15.1 50.3

Nationwide Viewing Panel Results All Homes

Rank Show Title Rating Audience Share
1 Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal P4M Edition 33.8 49.7
2 Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal (Original) 31.8 51.3
3 Super Inggo 31.4 49.2
4 XXX: Exklusibong Explosibong Expose 29.5 48.5
5 Komiks 28.8 49.2

Criticisms & Controversies

  • Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Nestor U. Torre expressed disappointment on the show because it is not "all that spellbinding and empathetic" since the briefcase a contestant has chosen would keep it to the end (contrary to some versions which exchanging briefcases is allowed). Also, he pointed out that the format of the show limited Aquino's effectivity as a host.<ref>Torre, Nestor U.. "Viewfinder: Not that big a deal", Philippine Daily Inquirer, June 12, 2006, pp. A2-7. </ref>
  • In Nelson U. Torre's another column, he expressed that the game show makes it so difficult for its players to win big because it’s based on sheer luck, with a player’s fate being sealed by the choice he makes of a particular briefcase to place his hopes on at the start of the game. He cited that another major factor that reduces players’ winnings is the “greed” motive that pushes contestants to reject already substantial deals from the show’s resident “banker,” because they want to make even more money by pushing the game into the next round. However, Torre does recognize that subsequent contestants were the first to benefit from the game show’s beefed-up top prize and will bring new excitement in everyone involved—the contestants, the studio audience, and the host. He mentioned that the move to double the game’s pot sets the show apart from other game programs, many of which offer a couple of million pesos in potential top winnings. With its new P4 million pot, he pointed out that it is now the best game show to beat.<ref>Torre, Nestor U.. "Viewfinder: Luck of the draw", Philippine Daily Inquirer, January 18, 2007, pp. A2-7. </ref>
  • The July 14, 2006 episode featuring psychic Rene Mariano became controversial when the host complemented Rene's abilities because the latter predicted the end of the career of Hero Angeles at Morning Girls with Kris and Korina (previously aired on the same network), Star Circle Quest grand champion. Hero and his brother reacted at GMA-7's Startalk saying that the host's remarks where unnecessary and foul.
  • The November 6, 2006 episode received a lot of criticisms from viewers when the Banker offered the contestant the amount of P40,000 in exchange of his cousin being out of the studio. The contestant accepted the terms, getting the aforementioned offer instead of the original offer of just P300. When the contestant's cousin was sent out, his face was shown at the money board during the game.



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