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Kadang-Kadang-is a Filipino traditional game played outdoor or in the playground.



Two pairs of coconut stilts are needed. This is made by boring a hole through one of the "eyes" of a half of the coconut shell. A string, about one or two meters long (depending on the height of the player) is pulled through the hole and a big, sturdy knot is tied at the bottom end inside the shell.

Ground Preparation

Two parallel lines are drawn 10 meters apart. One is the starting line and the other the goal line. The first player in each of the two teams of players puts a coconut shell under each foot, pulling the string between the big toe and the second toe of each foot while holding up the other end in his hand.


  • At the signal, the two players at the start of the two rows/teams walk on their coconut stilts toward the goal line
  • Upon reaching the goal line, the players turn around still on their stilts and return to the starting line, where they pass on their stilts to the next two players who performs the same movements as the first players.
  • The team that reaches the starting line first wins the game.
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