Kabataang Pilipino

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Kabataang Pilipino
Kabataang Pilipino.jpg
Established 1984
Head Florecio P. Kabigting, Jr.
Address Block 80 Lot 6 N. Aquino Street, Brgy. Laram, San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines
Tel. No. +63 2 868-8117


E-Mail kpfi.org
Website http://www.kpfi.org/kpi/index/index.asp

Kabataang Pilipino or KPI is a non-stock, non-profit, non-government organization duly registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commision. It was founded and organized by a group of people who believes that in the youth lies the hope of the nation. And at the same time it sets the people lead and managed the activities of KPI. Florecio P. Kabigting, Jr. is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of KPI.



This organization is a fulfillment of promise, and this promise was made three years ago by its founding Chairman Jun Kabigting as he was bidding for a scholarship grant to study MBA in the US. He promised to himself that if he gets the scholarship he will share the blessings to others in a possible way he can.

And in 1999, Jun got what he aimed. He was granted full MBA scholarship from the Asian Development Bank under its Government of Japan Scholarship Program and the Hawaii-based East-West Center in cooperation with the Japan-America Institute of Management Science also based in Hawaii.

And as a part of the fulfillment of the requirements of the MBA degree of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, a two months internship in a company in Japan was required from each student. And that, JAIMS has managed to place Jun in the worlds largest consulting firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers specifically in its Human Resources consulting practice.

Jun Kabigting started as an intern, but later he was absorbed by PWC to become part of its Global Human resource Solutions (GHRS) practice in Japan. "And the rest" as they say "its history" in hindsight, this was the start of the fulfillment of a promise that is to become KPI.

Partnering with other people who share with the idea that educated Filipino youth lies the hope of the Philippines progress, Jun together with his family and close personal and professional friends proceeded to form what is now Kabataang filipino Inc. or KPI.

Mission and Vision

KPI's intended beneficiaries are the Filipino youth. The belief of Dr. Jose Rizal (the Philippine famous National Hero) that the "youth is the hope of the nation." In doing this, all of KPI's programs and activities are and designed towards the development of an enlightened, informed, and responsible breed of Filipino youth that will be ready to contribute a positive impact to their respective communities, societies and to the nation as will as a whole. KPI is shaping the leaders of the future.




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