Juego de Prenda

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Juego de Prenda -is a Spanish phrase that means “Game of Penalty” in English.

During a vigil for the dead, or Lamayan in tagalog this game is played so that people will not fall asleep while watching the dead.

There is no limit to the number of players that can play. Players sit in a circle with the leader in the middle. Each player adopts a name of a tree or flower that is given by the leader. The leader recounts the story of a lost bird that was owned by a king. He or she says, “The bird of the king was lost yesterday. Did you find it, Ylang-Ylang?” The player who adopted the name of the Ylang-Ylang tree at once answers that he or she has not found it, so the leader continues to ask the other “trees” whether the bird has hidden in them. If a player cannot answer after the third count, he or she is made to deposit a thing he or she owns to the leader until the leader has been able to gather a lot of things from the members.

Each one can only regain his or her belonging by reciting a prayer or a verse. Once a player has complied with the penalty, the item that he or she has deposited is returned to him or her. A variation of the penalty might be truth or consequence.





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