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Jorge Pineda (26 July 1879-12 Sept 1946) won the awards at the Universal Exposition in St Louis, Misouri, USA: bronze for Campesina (Farm Girl), showing a solidly drawn head of a rural lass, and honorable mention for Las buyeras (Women Preparing Betel Nut Chew) in 1904. As a painter, he was a peer to Fernando Amorsolo but less prolific, being an ocasional painter and he explored subjects outside those of the Amorsolo school. Among his most charming genre scenes are those depicting Filipino gamaes like siklot and sungkaan.

As a resident cartoonist in The Philippines' Free Press, Pineda illustrated the image of the symbolic Filipino character Juan dela Cruz, wearing a Barong Tagalog, a native salakot, and chinelas.

Pineda also worked as a lithographer in the Carmelo and Bauermann printing firm. He was also considered the leading illustrator of his time. He was an active contributor to political publications such as Telembang, The Independent, and Lipang Kalabaw , a satirical magazine where he sometimes used the pen name "Makahiya". He also did lithograph version of the composite portrait of 13 heroes, Filipinos Ilustres (Illustrations Filipinos), based on 1911 drawing by Guillermo Tolentino.

He also drew cover illustrations for Renacimiento Filipino as well as ads, and designed sweepstakes tickets, postage stamps, and the prewar 20-peso bill showing the Mayon Volcano. He did illustrations for many books, such as Bajo los cocoteros (Under the Coconut Trees), by Claro M. Recto.


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