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John Paul de Castro Tanchanco is head of T1W (Tanchanco 1World). [1] He is also known to specialize in promoting the Philippines to medium to large scale international investors who would like to invest in the Philippines. [2]



Tanchanco received his bachelor's degree in Applied Economics from De La Salle University with a Best Thesis Medal Award in Economics.


He comes from the entrepreneurial family that owns the Taters Group of food retail establishments in the Philippines. [3] His mother is an advocate of TQM and sits in the board of TQM foundation such as Philippine Total Quality Management Integration that helps promote quality based productivity , continuous growth and entrepreneurship to other enterprises organizations. The family also heads the Makati Liga ng mga Barangay Business Council (MBBC) the Makati government business council for all the enterprises in the Makati City including Makati Central Business District.

His parents are mother Annie Tanchanco is founder of the Taters Group of food retail brands and establishments and father Sonny Tanchanco a well known philanthropist and social figure in the diplomatic circle.

His grandfather is Isagani de Castro one of the first notable actuarial scientists in the Philippines who was head of Ayala Life Assurance of Ayala Corporation and director of several mutual fund and financial organizations. [4] His great grandmother was Dona Consuelo Garcia, founder of the classic landmark restaurant by Manila Bay in the 1940's to 1980's, the Bulakena Restaurant. [5]

He is also related to Jesus Tanchanco Sr. the minister of Food, first head and innovator of the National Food Authority during the Marcos Regime and founder of the Philippine Food Exporters Organization.

The Tanchanco Family lineage comes from the rich and landed chinese-mestizo principalia family of which comes one of the prominent Governors Gobernadorcillo of Malolos Bulacan - Capitan Tomas Tanchanco. Don Tomas Tanchangco also known as "Capitang Tomas" was born in 1849 a fearless reformist and leader historically documented in historical archives and several academic books and publications such as "Rizal's Life , Works and Writings" by Capino , Gonzales and Pineda, Nicanor Tiongson's "The Women of Malolos" published by the Ateneo de Manila University Press. The Tanchanco Bahay na Bato was the main house wherein the political meetings disguised as parties were held. Ideas and plans for the reform movement and the first Philippine republic was discussed in Capitan Tanchanco's house. Capitan Tanchanco was also father of the famous Tanchanco sisters who were part of the famous women of malolos a group of twenty young Women of Malolos. First Filipino women who upheld the right to education and women empowerment.

Don Tomas Tanchanco, the Tanchanco House and the Women of Malolos were portrayed in the docu-drama musical movie "Women of Malolos" [6]

Expendiente 306 states that the family's Chinese lineage originated from Lamua (Nan'an), Fujian province, Kingdom of China.

Career / Awards

In 2003-2004, he received a special citation from Secretary Sivestre Afable of the Presidential_Management_Staff_(Philippines) (PMS) for creating the economic and conceptual framework of the Overseas Filipino Investors Program (OFIP) under the (PMS) Office of the President of the Philippines, Malacanang Palace. [7]

In 2005, he received several awards such as seven young entrepreneurs award, marketing excellence and most outstanding business award for his stint as co-founder of Chimara Cafe Inc. - the Philippines first vegetarian fast-food cafe that's part of hist family's Taters Group. [8]

Tanchanco is also known as a commercial music artist and lead guitarist. He is a known figure in the music industry - was an active lead guitarist of the Award-winning Manila Sound Band - Kala, [9]. From 2005-2009, His band was responsible for the number 1 hit, Jeepney and 1 hit revival of Rock Baby Rock. Several other hits are Manila High and Pulis Pangkalawakan. [10] His band has won several Awit Awards and a MYX Music Channel Award. He is also an award-winning music producer and composer.

He is also head honcho of Tanchanco Trimedia Productions. [11] [12]

In 2009, He was producer of the docu-drama Isang Lahi: Pearls from the Orient. The movie is known as the local version of The Secret that talks about happiness. The movie had it's local TV premiere in ABSCBN as a inspirational film for the victims of Typhoon Ketsana. The film is one of the Top_10_Best_Films_of_2009 [13] [14]

Tanchanco has a regular feature column entitled ThaGoodLife with Philippines leading News Media Conglomerate [15] [16] [17] [18]

Notable Research Papers in Economics

Tanchanco, John Paul. Office of the President of the Philippines, Presidential Management Staff, Agri-Industrial Infrastructure Policy Office "Policy paper : Utilization of OFW remittances from the Labor Export Industry for the development of Small and Medium Enterprises" / by John Paul Tanchanco. Publication Info. 2003. Location: DLSU Archives, 10F Henry Sy Sr. Hall Call No. PU00478 [19]

Tanchanco, John Paul et al. "External Remittances : a Gini (co-efficient) decomposition analysis of its effect on Income distribution in the Philippines. Tanchanco, John Paul. 2003. Location: DLSU Archives, 10F Henry Sy Sr. Hall Call No. TU-12918. [20]


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