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Jessica Alfaro is the main witness in the Vizconde Massacre case. She claims to be a former girlfriend of massacre suspect Peter Estrada and an acquaintance of main suspect Hubert Webb. The Supreme Court of the Philippines, however, ruled that Alfaro is not a credible witness in the case, as she is an undercover agent ("stool pigeon") of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).



Alfaro claimed that Webb, together with suspects Estrada, Artemio Ventura, Antonio “Tonyboy” Lejano, Miguel Rodriguez, Hospicio “Pyke” Fernandez, Michael Gatchalian and Joey Filart, planned to rape victim Carmela Vizconde on 29 June 1991, the eve of the murder. The crime was planned by Webb after a shabu session with the co-accused.

In the midnight of 30 June 1991, Alfaro joined Webb's group to Vizconde's house. Alfaro was the first person to enter the house since the Vizconde matriarch, Estrellita, allowed only female friends to visit Carmela. Webb and company then entered the compound to meet Carmela as Alfaro went out to smoke. When Alfaro re-entered the house, she saw the bloodied and dead bodies of Estrellita and Carmela's younger sister Jennifer. She also saw Webb in the act of raping Carmela. The other suspects then took turns in raping Carmela. After the rape, Webb stabbed Carmela to death.

Alfaro's testimonies was deemed as the strongest evidence against Webb, et. al. in the ruling of judge Amelita Tolentino of the Paranaque Regional Trial Court (RTC) that found Webb, et. al. guilty, beyond reasonable doubt, on the crimes of multiple murder and rape.


Before the Supreme Court decision acquiting Webb and the other convicts on 14 December 2010, doubts were raised on Alfaro's credibility as the star witness in the case. The defense panel of Webb, et. al. asserts that Alfaro is a drug addict who can't provide credible information on the case while former NBI agent John Herra recently alleged that Alfaro lied in her testimonies in order to avail the privileges of a star witness provided under the Witness Protection Program.

Lauro Vizconde, the patriarch of the Vizconde family, affirms his belief to Alfaro's testimonies.

On the other hand, the Webb family plans to file perjury charges against Alfaro, who reportedly had been living in the United States shortly after the massacre trial in the Paranaque RTC.

In popular culture

In 8 June 1995, Alfaro's life story was shown on film through the movie Jessica Alfaro Story. Alfaro was portrayed by Alice Dixson. The movie was produced by Viva Films.




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