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Jess Abrera (born 3 January 1945) is a Filipino editorial cartoonist. He is currently the chief cartoonist and comics editor of The Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI). He is one of the pioneers of PDI where his komiks strips “Pinoy Nga!” and “A. Lipin” are published. He is the father of Manuel Luis Lorenzo “Manix” Abrera, a Filipino komiks artist, author, and musician who is best known as the author of the daily comic strip “Kikomachine”, which is also published on PDI.

Jess is into politically themed strips. He said that the first few comics he like were Walt Disney comics and local comics.

After graduating from the University of the Philippines (UP) College of Fine Arts, he worked as a journalist and he did serious illustration of animals at the UP Natural History Department. He also worked as an advertising artist and a children's book illustrator. He recalled that when the publisher of the Mr. and Ms. Magazine needed a cartoonist for Nick Joaquin's children's book, he applied and got qualified. When the said magazine also included politics in its contents, Nick Joaquin and Salvador Lopez wrote political articles and Abrera became an editorial cartoonist.

When the magazine eventually put up a newspaper that is the PDI, he was chosen to be an editorial cartoonist and a journalist. It was when the Alipin Comic Strips was born. As he is into editorial cartoons, he watches news at night so he has an idea on what he will work on the following day.

Awards and recognition

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