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Jejemon is a Filipino slang word that refers to a member of a local subculture that shows similarities to the fashion and, to a very limited extent, lifestyle of American black gangs. The term is considered derogatory.



“Jejemon” is a merging of “jeje” and “-mon”. “Jeje” is derived from an intentional deviation from “hehe”; a written expression of laughter common in many massively multiplayer online role-playing games and social networking sites. The suffix “-mon” is derived from the popular Pokemon franchise.


The most notable aspect of jejemons is their language. They type in social networking sites and other means of text-based communication with the same intentional deviation from a base language (such as English or Filipino). The deviations have commonalities with SMS language or textese, such as replacing letters with other symbols, e.g. using “3” instead of “E”. However, while SMS language seeks to abbreviate words for the sake of ease and adherence to the character limit of text messages, the jejemon language expands words by exploring alternate phonetic spellings and extending sibilants (and even putting extended sibilants where there are none). Another notable aspect of the language is the intentional and random use of mixed capitalization, also known as camelcasing. An example: typing the common Filipino expression of respect “po” as “pFoEzzZZzzZ”.


Jejemons are noted for their adaptation of American “gangsta” fashion. Oversized shirts, shorts, and bandanas are common jejemon attire. Jejemons are also noted for wearing baseball caps that do not fit snugly on their heads, instead merely resting atop the scalp.

Internet persecution

Jejemons are subject to many online declarations of hate and are criticized mostly for their language, which many deem incomprehensible, but also for their apparel.




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