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(Drop the Handkerchief)

10 to 20 or more players Outdoors or indoors

All players but one stand or sit in a circle. Everybody in the circle must look toward the center and must not turn to look back. The odd player walks around outside the circle formation with a handkerchief which he drops behind one of the circle players. He drops it in such a way that the circle player is unaware of it being dropped. The seated players may feel behind them to check whether or not the handkerchief was dropped, or they will watch the one walking around, noticing if he still has the handkerchief in his hand or not. Once the circle player behind whom the handkerchief has been dropped becomes aware of the handkerchief, he quickly picks it up and, as a rapidly as possible, chases the one who dropped it. If the player who dropped the handkerchief is tagged before he reaches the vacant place left by the one chasing him, he must take the latter's place in the circle of players. A player who does not discover that the handkerchief has been dropped behind him after one trip around the circle is chased by the dropper. He is struck with the handkerchief until he reaches his place. Then the same handkerchief-player drops the handkerchief in the next game.