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Instituto Cervantes is a public institution created by Spain to promote and to teach the Spanish language and culture worldwide. In the Philippines, Instituto Cervantes is located at 855 T.M. Kalaw Street, Ermita, Manila. Its telephone number is (02) 526 14 82 - 85.

The objectives and functions of the organization are to:

  • organize general and special courses on the Spanish language.
  • credit by means of certificates and diplomas the knowledge acquired by the students and to organize the exams of the Official Spanish Diplomas as a Foreign Language (D.E.L.E.).
  • upgrade the teaching methods and the faculty's development.
  • support the work of the Hispanists.
  • participate in programs of dissemination of the Spanish language.
  • carry out activities of cultural activities, in cooperation with other Spanish and Latin American organisms, as well as organizations in the host countries.
  • make available libraries to the public equipped with the latest technology.

To fulfill these aims, Instituto Cervantes offers courses that aims to develop a student´s communicative abilities in Spanish. Instituto Cervantes also offers study grants and other financial assistance to any qualified student or faculty.

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