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The Philippine Independent Church, locally known as The Aglipayan Church is the second largest Christian congregation in the Philippines. The founding fathers of this religious organization were catholic priests that were excommunicated due to their revolt against racial discrimination, exploitation and oppression of the Catholic church during the Spanish colonization. However, during the end of Spanish regime and the beginning of American colonization, these very same clergymen organized an independent patriotic crusade for the alteration of the Catholic church in the Philippines. Their advocacy lies in protecting Filipino citizens that has been treated with injustice. It was during this time when the Philippine Independent Church was born.



It was in August 3, 1902 when Father Gregorio Aglipay promulgated the Iglesia Filipina Independiente in public. It was later translated to the Philippine Independent Church in English. He was one of the clergymen who tenaciously protected the Filipinization of the Catholic Church.

Father Aglipay portrayed an integral role during the Spanish revolutionary war in the country. He struggled to overrule the Spanish colonization to give way for the foundation of the Filipino Church. He was irrevocably denied by the Spanish rulers. However, when American colonization took their place, he immediately established the long fought Church that was vehemently refused. With a new government over the horizon, many prominent personalities and authoritarians started to brave their way in fighting for what they truly believed in. They began to support Father Aglipay and his new-found church.

Due to the sudden increase of political power, The Philippine Independent Church strengthen and intensified their influence towards the masses. Their protagonism for the Filipino Church was finally realized. He was the founding father and head from 1902 to 1940 of the Philippine Independent Church. It was then locally named as the Aglipayan Church to pay tribute to Father Gregorio Aglipay, who made a mark in the history of Catholic Church in the Philippines.

The Declaration Of Faith

The Declaration of Faith is the Philippine Independent Church's virtue. They fervently believe in the Holy Trinity and the Apostolic teachings of the Lord. This was conceived in 1947, during the General Assembly.

The Articles Of Religion

The Articles of Religion define the standards of Aglipayan's Philosophy in life and religion. It consists of doctrinal teachings about salvation, holy scriptures, The Creeds, The Holy Sacraments and The Holy Eucharist.

Sectoral Organizations

  • The Youth Of The Iglesia Filipina Independiente (YIFI)
  • The Women Of The Philippine Independent Church (WOPIC)
  • The Laymen Of The Iglesia Filipina Independiente (LIFI)


The Aglipayan Church councils personify the role in ensuring the church is on the right path towards their common goal which is a continuous pursuit of the church's mission. These councils are:

  • Supreme Council Of Bishops
  • Council Of Priests
  • National Lay Council



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