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The book History of the Filipino People, first published in 1960 was authored by Teodoro Agoncillo, a respected historian and late professor at the Department of History of the University of the Philippines. Joining the ranks of numerous other books written on the subject, this book aimed to correct the existing interpretations on Philippine history, which mostly emphasize the history of Spain and Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines rather than the history of the Filipinos themselves.


Target Audience

Primarily, the book catered to the students of the University of the Philippines at a time when the Church leaders were trying to gain influence on the curriculum of the public school. The latest editions, one in 1990, however came out for the use of other Philippine universities. It propagated the study of Philippine history from the Philippine point of view. Until today, the book continue to educate Filipinos as it remained be reprinted and in use.

Present Implications

However, though respected the book and its author was, it continues to also be examined for its unique historiography. The book was written at a time before citing sources was a required standard to establish credible written historical works. Teodoro Agoncillo, the author, happened to have kept to himself the sources of his information regarding the history of Filipinos. His work was not contrary to the still accepted Philippine history but he included details that were not unacceptable yet were needed to be verified.

The History of the Filipino People is a book that did not only tell of Philippine history through its pages but also reflected the state of Philippine publishing, historiography and politics in the latter half of the twentieth century. The changes that the book went through, in terms of co-authors and number of chapters for example, showed also the development in the way the history of the Philippines was written.


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