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Vigan's Famous Calle Crisologo. Photo by:Liz Reyes

The Historical Events knowledge database discusses the list of significant episodes in Philippine History. In relation to this, the country has hundreds of locations remembered for their historical relevance, and as such are called Historical Landmarks.

A landmark is defined as a position of a prominent or well-known object in a certain area or location. However, for the purpose of this knowledge database, by landmarks we mean "a building or any kind of structure known for its historical significance." Our list includes sites of battles, national shrines (e.g. ancestral house of prominent historical personalities), churches and places of worship, fortifications, military camps, among many others.

This knowledge database aims to generate recognition among the people of the many historical sites in the Philippines. They are not just tourist attractions; more importantly, they serve as fitting tribute to the momentous events that occurred and the people who took part in these defining moments of Philippine history. In addition, the Historical Landmark category advocates the protection and preservation of these historical and cultural sites as part of the country's heritage. In the process of appreciating these historical landmarks, there is also a heightening awareness of the Filipino national identity.

Below are some of the historical landmarks in the Philippines classified by geographical region:

(to access the knowledge database on the Philippine Historical Landmarks, click Historical Landmarks link)


Region I - Ilocos Region

  1. Vigan Heritage Village
  2. Tobacco Monopoly Monument

Region II - Cagayan Valley

  1. Aglipay Town
  2. Dalton Pass

Cordillera Administrative Region

  1. Kaliwaga Cave
  2. Batarangan Airstrip

Region III - Central Luzon

  1. Barasoain Church
  2. Casa Real Shrine


  1. Astronomical Observatory of Joseph Le Paute D'Agelet
  2. Fule-Malvar Mansion

Region IV B - MIMARO

  1. Battle of Pulang Lupa Marker
  2. Parola Park

National Capital Region

  1. Fort Santiago
  2. Andres Bonifacio Monument

Region V - Bicol Region

  1. PNR Marker Park
  2. Liberty Bell

Region VI - Western Visayas

  1. Iwahig Penal Colony
  2. Japanese Shrine

Region VII - Central Visayas

  1. Blood Compact Site
  2. Dagohoy Marker

Region VIII - Eastern Visayas

  1. Homonhon Island
  2. Tubabau Island

Region IX - Zamboanga Peninsula

  1. Relief Map of Mindanao
  2. Rizal Shrine (Zamboanga del Norte)

Region X - Northern Mindanao

  1. Bacarros Printing Press
  2. Old Catarman Church Ruins

Region XI - Davao Region

  1. 17th Century Caraga Church
  2. Saoquegue Cave


  1. Pikit Fort

Region XIII - Caraga

Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao

  1. Kaum Purnah Mosque and Muslim Village
  2. Walled City



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