Herma Shipping and Transport Corporation

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Herma Shipping and Transport Corporation or HSTC is a petroleum marine transport company in the Philippines. HSTC's fleet consists of 5 coastal vessels, 9 bay and river barges and 2 tugboats. HSTC provides Hauling and Lighterage services anywhere in the Philippines. It is a subsidiary of the Herma Group, a conglomerate of petroleum and maritimecompanies.

During the 1990s, HSTC focused primarily on bay and river routes while its sister company Flagship Petroleum Carriers, also an affiliate of the Herma Group, focused on Coastal routes. In the mid-part of the 1990s however, the operations of the two companies were merged under HSTC's name.

Herma Group affiliates

From a small company with one rented barge and 10 employees in 1985, the Herma Group is now a 5 billion-peso conglomerate with eight companies providing petroleum, maritime, and environmental services to foreign and local industrial partners.

The Herma Group comprises the following member companies:

  • Herma Shipping and Transport Corporation

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