Hayden Kho Sex Video Scandal

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Hayden Kho Sex Video Scandal
Date: 2008 - present
Location: Metro Manila, Philippines
People involved: Hayden Kho, Katrina Halili, Vicky Belo, Maricar Reyes, Eric Chua, Herbert Rosario
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Kho gets drenched at Senate hearing

Halili sues Belo, 3 others

The Hayden Kho Sex Video Scandal, also called the “Hayden Cam” Scandal, refers to the events surrounding the publicizing of a series of home videos featuring actor, endorser and doctor Hayden Kho engaged in intimate acts with various women, most prominently actress and sex icon Katrina Halili.

The Kho-Halili video was leaked on the Internet in late 2008. [1] By May of 2009, it had caused a media circus, verbalizations of outrage from various political personalities, and the pushing of anti-voyeurism bills. [2] The video also gained international attention, in addition to making record sales in the black market. [3]

Controversy grew thick around the identity of the person who had leaked the video, and the fact that Kho had made some of the videos while in a very public relationship with celebrity surgeon Dr. Vicki Belo.

Halili, who claimed that she had been taped without her knowledge, brought Kho to a widely-covered senate hearing. She also sued Belo and three others who were implicated in the leaking of the video.




Kho had previously gained popular attention due to his relationship with Dr. Vicki Belo. He also worked as a plastic surgeon at Belo Medical Group. Aside from his profession, Kho was involved in several showbiz projects such as a spot in Ako si Kim Sam Soon and Celebrity Duets, where Kho performed with Katrina Halili.

In December 2008, Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) reported that the couple split due to Belo discovering sex videos of Kho and other women on his computer. One of the women, Halili, later admitted that she and Kho had been having an affair. [2]

Despite initially denying the claim, Kho also eventually admitted to it. Although he asked for Belo's forgiveness, she did not reconcile with him. [1]


The Kho-Halili video was later leaked online, with Dolly Anne Carvajal of the Philippine Daily Inquirer first mentioning on May 11, 2009 that a controversial video was circulating in cyberspace. This turned out to be the video featuring Halili dancing while Kho sang "Careless Whisper." [1]

By the following week, other videos had surfaced and spread on the Internet. They were picked up by video pirates and further proliferated on the black market. [1]

According to reports, there were 40 sex videos in all, allegedly taken with a hidden camera, hence the name "Hayden Cam". Kho's supposed partners include actress and former girlfriend Maricar Reyes, Brazilian commercial model Mariana del Rio, and comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto, although the latter has denied having anything to do with Kho. [1]

Halili immediately came forward to denounce Kho, claiming he had spread the videos. Kho issued an apology but maintained that he was not the one who disseminated them. [4] He instead pointed to two of his friends, Dr. Eric Chua and Dr. Mark Herbert Rosario, with whom he had a falling out at the time he became romantically involved with Belo.

Belo was also suspected of spreading the sex video, but denied having any hand in it. According to her lawyer Adel Tamano, "She did not release these videos and in fact she is very saddened by what has happened. She condemns the release and circulation of these videos." [23]

Senate Hearing

On May 19 2009 Senator Bong Revilla came to the defense of Halili, openly denouncing Kho as a “maniac” and “pervert.” [13] In the speech, Revilla demanded that Kho's medical license be revoked by the Professional Regulation Commission.

He also helped Halili file a case against Kho with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) which issued subpoenas were then issued to Kho and Belo, as well as Chua. [5] [8]

Through the heavy anti-Kho sentiment, Kho's lawyer Lorna Kapunan alledged that Halili had known she was being videoed and that she had “set up the camera.” [6] Halili continued to deny knowledge or consent of being videoed.

The Senate hearing took place on May 28, 2009. [7] Notably, mediaman and former Pagsanjan mayor Abner Afuang poured a bottle of mineral water on Kho's head just as Halili was entering the room. Afuang was arrested by the Senate sergeant-at-arms for “disturbing the proceedings.” According to Afuang, Kho was “a stupid person” and a “pig.” [9]

Legal Battles

Halili sued Kho for violating the Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act. Halili also sued Belo, Chua, Rosario and Rosario's girlfriend Princess Marie Velasco as accomplices in spreading the video.. [11]

She also filed a libel case against both Kho and his mother, Irene Kho, who had alleged Halili was a drug user who had given Hayden illegal drugs during their brief relationship. The libel case was junked by the Quezon City Prosecutor's office in August 2009. [12]

On 14 December 2010, Judge Rodolfo Bonifacio of the Pasig City Regional Trial Court cleared Kho from the case, citing lack of evidence to prove his guilt. Bonifacio explained that the camera used in taping Kho's and Halili's sexual intercourse was placed in a conspicuous area in the room where the intercourse happened, and that Halili was aware that their act was taped and that the sexual act was consensual.

Halili maintains that Kho taped their sexual act secretly. Kho, for his part, reiterated his regret that the sex video spread "without his knowledge."


Early 2009 found the Philippine media awash with intrigue over the Hayden Koh sex tape scandal. Reactions to the videos ranged from curiosity, to anger, to sympathy. [2]

Columnists and Pundits

The Manila Times attributed the scandal's sudden evolution into a “long-running media circus” to its “cast of characters” all being prominent names, and the Internet making it far quicker and easier for the video to be shared and for people to make their opinions about it public. [19]

In her Inquirer column At Large, Rina Jimenez-David mentioned other recent sex-related news events such as the reported rape of two Filipinas by American soldiers, actor Edu Manzano's campaign against child pornography, and the discovery of other sex tapes featuring young couples.

“Against the current furor over Dr. Kho’s sexcapades, the righteous anger and moralistic outrage and the fuss made over these heinous products pale considerably in comparison,” she wrote. [21]


Some on the Internet voiced moral outrage over the incident. Blogger Redjeulle attacked Kho's video-taping of himself and the women, saying “What can he possibly gain from all these? That he's a god? That he can get these beautiful women into bed with him? A true mark of a very insecure person.” [16]

Blogger Fernando Gagelonia said, “Hayden Kho is a highly educated individual and it is tragic that someone of his stature is revealed to be no worse than other perverts who see and treat women as nothing but sex toys.” [17]

Another blogger, Silver, appealed to Kho himself, saying, “For the sake of privacy and dignity, Mr. Kho, please leave those stuff in your bedroom alone. Don't take videos of your sexcapades and brag [about] them like trophies sa iyong mga ka-brod [ to your frat brothers].” [18]

Government personalities were also harsh in condemning the videos, with Senator Bong Revilla being the most verbal. “He does not know how to respect women. It is like he has no mother or sisters,” said the Senator in a privilege speech centered entirely on Kho, entitled “A Doctor's Perversity.” [13]

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago said that Kho had caused Halili 'psychological violence' in violation of Republic Act 9262 or the Anti-Violence against Women and their Children Act. [20]

Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita also conveyed the sentiments of Malacanang, saying “[I]t is disturbing because anything that affects the morals of society is very disturbing. We have to go hard on these people...especially that we are the only Catholic country in this part of the world; it will run across the morals of the Filipino people.” [2]

Other observers deemed the reactions to Kho's videos “disproportionate” to the actual incident, and that other, more pressing issues were being overwhelmed by the "media circus" around Kho's videos. [2]

Blogger Mistervader commented, "I cannot, by any stretch of imagination, figure out why so much time is being wasted on this by the Senate...I believe that there are more appropriate departments that should be able to deal with it...The Senate has more pressing matters to deal with than this." [22]


Two pieces of legislation were said to have be given prominence after the the sex video scandal. The first is Senate Bill 3267 or the Anti-Voyeurism Act of 2009 filed by Senators Pia Cayetano, Francis "Chiz" Escudero, and Miriam Defensor-Santiago. [14] The House Bill 4315, known as the Anti Cyber-Boso Bill (anti-voyeurism bill) was filed in the House of Representatives by Buhay Party List Representative Irwin Tieng. It was given priority followin the scandal. [15]

By June 2009, the Anti-Voyeurism Bill was passed in the Senate. The law penalizes anyone who captures a lewd image of another person without his or her consent with six to ten years imprisonment or a fine of P100,000 - P500,000. Interest in the bill, according to Senator Santiago, was revived due to the sex video scandal. [10]


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