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Hayden Kho (b. 20 May 1980) is a Filipino-Chinese doctor, commercial model and actor who attained popularity after becoming romantically-involved with the renowned cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo of Belo Medical Group in 2006. Kho subsequently became the subject of a scandal when sex videos featuring him and actresses Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes began to circulate on the Internet in May 2009.


Early Life

Kho was born to a Chinese father, Hayden Kho, and a Spanish Filipina mother, Irene dela Santa. He is one of five children. His family lives in Marinduque.


Kho graduated from the University of Santo Tomas in 2005 with a degree in medicine. After graduation he was hired by Belo Medical Group, where he met Vicki Belo.

Eventually Kho started to make occasional appearances in television shows, culminating in a supporting role opposite Regine Velasquez and Mark Anthony Fernandez in the Philippine adaptation of My Name Is Kim Sam Soon.

Relationship with Vicki Belo

In 2006, rumors began to circulate of a romantic liaison between Kho and Belo. The rumors were confirmed when the couple made an appearance in the GMA TV show Celebrity Duets in August 2007. According to Kho, Belo wanted him to serenade her on live television. In the press conference prior to his TV appearance, Kho referred to Belo as "my love, mi amor." In another interview with PEP, he called himself her "hero" while she was his "princess."

Age Difference

The relationship was much publicized because of the age disparity between Kho and Belo. Tabloid reports branded Kho as a "gold digger," claiming that he was only after Belo's huge fortune, an allegation that Kho repeatedly denied.

In an interview with YES! Magazine published in March 2009, Belo recounted that it was her daughter Cristalle whom she wanted to match with Kho, until she found herself falling in love with the younger doctor. She had been grooming him to be the managing director of Belo Medical Group. An adopted child, she stated that she needed love as much as she longed to give it, and in Kho she seemed to have found her romantic ideal.

Breaking Up

In December 2008, reports claimed that Kho and Belo had broken up. No confirmation was made by either party until PEP published an article on 20 December 2008 giving a detailed narrative of the breakup from an anonymous source. The source, who was a guest at an intimate dinner given by Vicki Belo for Anton San Diego of Philippine Tatler on December 9, claimed that Belo had discovered sex videos of Hayden with other women--including Katrina Halili and Rufa Mae Quinto--on his laptop. She ended their relationship at once along with firing Kho from his job in Belo Medical Group.

Kho tried to commit suicide on December 15. He overdosed on Valium and was rushed to the hospital, where doctors found the words "I LOVE U! I LOVE U VICKI!!" written on his chest. A distraught Belo reportedly visited him in Makati Medical where he was confined but refused to take him back. He was released from the hospital on December 18.

Other Rumored Relationships

News that Kho's secret romantic relationship with other celebrities like Ruffa Mae Quinto and Katrina Halili which fueled the break up with Belo surfaced. Quinto vehemently denied any relationship with Kho in a December 20 interview with Startalk while Halili chose to evade the issue, claiming that she and Belo had spoken and that everything was "okay" between them. Halili had previously been linked with Kho when the latter was a contestant in the first season of Celebrity Duets. Halili was one of the celebrities with whom he dueted. She was a celebrity endorser for Belo Medical at the time.

Kho subsequently admitted to having an affair with Halili while still in a relationship with Belo. However, he denied the existence of any sex video and pleaded with the public in an interview with Lhar Santiago of 24 Oras on 24 December 2008 to leave him and Belo alone to "patch things up." In an exclusive interview with Showbiz Central on 25 January 2009, however, Belo talked about the breakup and admitted that Kho's infidelity was "partly" her fault.

Reports of sightings of Kho and Belo together after the breakup made the rounds of blogs and entertainment talk shows, but neither party confirmed whether or not they had decided to resume the relationship or if the entire controversy was merely a media stunt. Kho and Belo were spotted together in the 2 May 2009 fight between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton in Las Vegas. While they supposedly asked the press not to report their presence in Las Vegas, a cellphone photo of the couple still circulated in the Internet, sparking speculation that they had gotten back together.

Sex Scandal

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On 19 May 2009, news broke of the online leakage of three sex videos featuring Kho and actresses Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes and model Mariana del Rio. Kho became the subject of widespread condemnation in media. In a privilege speech entitled "A Doctor's Perversity," Senator Ramon Revilla Jr. accused Kho of filming the sexual encounters without consent from his partners. He branded Kho a "maniac" and called on the Professional Regulation Commission to revoke his medical license. He also pushed for the passage of the Anti-Pornography Bill, which would inflict heavy penalties on "those who publish, broadcast, and exhibit pornographic material through the use of traditional media, cyberspace, mobile phones, and other media."

The videos showed Kho engaging in explicit sexual acts with Halili, Reyes, and del Rio at different periods and were apparently filmed in Kho's bedroom with the video camera hidden in his closet. Halili claimed that she did not know that she was being filmed. The videos in question had been pulled out of YouTube and other media-sharing sites though rogue clips continued to proliferate in blogs and were forwarded in emails and passed around in social networking sites. Copies have also been made and sold by video pirates.

Halili denounced Kho for leaking the videos. She made an appearance at the Philippine Senate on 20 May 2009 where she begged for help to stop the spread of the videos. After her Senate appearance, she then went on to file a complaint against Kho at the headquarters of the NBI. Halili stated that she felt "debased" by Kho's actions and that she wanted to serve as a lesson to other women about being "careful" about "whom to trust."

On 21 May 2009, Kho issued a statement claiming that the videos were uploaded on the Internet without his knowledge or consent. He also apologized to the women involved, saying that he would no longer practice medicine as penance.

Rumors circulated that it was Belo who allegedly masterminded the reproduction and circulation of different sex video scandals involving Hayden Kho with Katrina Halili, a minor Brazilian Model and a doctor, Maricar Reyes which she vehemently denied. Kho later on admitted to shooting the videos but said that he did not upload it over the Internet. He suspected his fraternity brother and school mate at the Ateneo High School as the persons to have possibly uploaded the videos. The NBI has expanded its probe to cover not just Halili’s complaint of psychological violence against Kho, but also cybersex crimes.

Libel Case

Halili filed two counts of libel against the mother of cosmetic surgeon who alleged in TV interviews that the actress was addicted to drugs and turned her son into a drug user. The actress claimed that Irene Kho’s statements were all made to sway the attention of the public from Hayden Kho's wrongdoings. The libel case was junked by the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office on August 27, 2009 due to lack of probable cause.

On September 4, 2009, Kho was seen attending a launch of a campaign for women's rights by the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), encouraging people to join the crusade and become women's rights advocates.




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