Harangan Man ng Sibat

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Harangan Man ng Sibat is an adventure and romance komiks novel created by Francisco Coching and serialized in the pages of Espesyal Komiks in 1960. It tells the story of how two muslim brothers fight for their love interests. It was adapted into film in 1961.



The story is set in the waters of Jolo, where two Muslim brothers, Ali and Kiram are with their love interests Medea and Salim. The setting of the story is the waters of Jolo. Abdul is a murderous pirate. Aldo is a Christian navy officer and his girlfiend is Olga. Aldo is on the hunt for Kiram for being a smuggler. He also believes that Kiram was responsible for murdering his parents and kidnapping his younger brother many years ago.

Olga while out sailing in a new boat given by her father, encounters Abdul. After looting the boat, Abdul tries to molest Olga but Kiram confronts him and Abdul loses but swears vengeance. Olga thanks Kiram for saving her and promises to appeal to Aldo on his behalf; but Aldo refuses her request. In another incident, Salim tries to save Kiram from the group of Abdul, but is killed. Kiram challenges Abdul and manages to kill him but in turn ended up being fatally wounded.

Ali learns that he is Aldo's long lost brother. Aldo promises to fulfill Kiram's dream of sending Ali to school and he later manages the hacienda of Olga's father after he and Olga gets married.

Other media

Sampaguita Pictures adapted Harangan Man ng Sibat into a movie in 1961. It starred Mario Montenegro, Luis Gonzales and Bobby Vasquez.


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