Halina Perez

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Halina Perez

Halina Perez (11 December 1981 – 4 March 2004) was a sexy young actress in the Philippines.


Early Life

Actress Halina Perez was born Vanessa Uri in Perez, Quezon City in the Philippines, where she graduated from the Quezon National High School and enrolled at the Enverga University, before being transferred to Manila whereupon she embarked into show business. Halina appeared in over 10 films during her brief career, most notably in erotic Filipino thrillers and comedies. She gained fans by portraying sexy, provocative women in movies. Notable credits includes the skin flicks Kiskisan (2003), Balat Sibuyas (2002), Amorseko (Damong Ligaw)(2001) and Ikapitong Gloria (2001).

Personal Life

She was related to boyfriend Anthony Cuevas.


Halina, her manager Isah Munio, sexpot entertainer Danna Garcel along with three others were returning to Manila after attending a grand opening of a Konica store in Legazpi City, when the car they were driving veered out of line and slammed into a van. Five of the car's passengers, including Halina, were asleep at the time of the crash, Halina was still breathing when she was pulled out of the car by rescuers, but was declared dead on arrival at the hospital after suffering a broken neck, her manager Isah Munio was also declared dead. The other four including Danna Garcel suffered fractures and minor injuries but survived the crash. She was buried at Loyola Memorial Park, Marikina City, Philippines.



  • Alipin ni Tukso (2000)
  • Ika-Pitong Gloria (2001)
  • Amorseko: Damong Ligaw (2001)
  • Hinog sa pilit (Sobra sa tamis) (2002) Diana
  • Ligaya, Pantasya ng Bayan (2002)
  • Biglang Liko (2002) Lerma
  • Alyas Bomba Queen (2002)
  • Tukaan (2002) Joanne
  • Dalaginding (2002)
  • Sex Files (2002) Nelia
  • Kasiping (2002) Gilda
  • Kiskisan (2003) Gemma
  • Balat-Sibuyas (2003) Diana
  • Asboobs: Asal Bobo (2003) Barba
  • Kurot sa Dibdib (2004) Serena Luna