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Hagibis is an all-male sing-and-dance group from the Philippines. A parody of the Village People, the group sings campy songs mostly about female beauty and falling in love with a beautiful woman. They were famous in the 1970s to the early 1980s and was also a Manila sound icon.


Camp Humor

When you watch Hagibis in live concerts back in the 1970s, they imitate camp movements and singing styles. They appear muscular and fresh from the military yet they're just simple musicians from Manila. Imitating the Village People's campy movements and musical style gave smiles to Filipino audiences. They also use macho dance steps to express the sense of their masculine songs.


Part of Manila sound, the group is not a disco fever band but an all-male group with Taglish songs and camp imitation.

Below are their hits:

KATAWAN (BODY) - being attracted to the sexy form of a woman.

LEGS - being attracted to the long, smooth legs of a woman.

Legs, legs, legs mo ay nakakatunaw (Your legs makes me melt) Legs, legs, legs mo ay nakakasilaw (Your legs appears so bright)

LALAKE (MAN) - a song which explains why a man is attracted to a beautiful lady.

Effects of Imitation

Unfortunately, the imitating styles of the Manila sound, including the Hagibis style of parodying the Village People, made Manila sound only a sub-genre to American music. At that point, Original Pilipino Music rose to fame. Even though, Hagibis songs became dance classics especially "No Touch", "Katawan" and "Legs". These songs are still popular until now. Hagibis is an inspiration of all-male groups.


In the early 2000s, an all-male group rose to fame with the musical style of Hagibis. Muscular and a good partner to Eat Bulaga's Sexbomb Dancers, the group is called Maskulados. They're a group of seven hunks who sing and dance like Hagibis, only the dance steps are sexier.

They were called "the heirs of the Hagibis band".

Maskulados perform in television and variety shows at present. They became famous because of songs "Sana Mama", "Jumbo Hotdog" and Christmas hit "Machong-Macho na si Santa".

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