Guinacot National High School

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Guinacot National High School
Mataas na Paaralan ng Guinacot

Logo of Guinacot National High School.

Motto "A tree is known by its fruit."


Type <ref>Department of Education</ref>, Public School
Principal Mrs. Gloria B. Jamisola
Location {{{city}}}, Bohol, Flag of the PhilippinesPhilippines
Campus Brgy. Guinacot, Guindulman, Bohol

Guinacot National High School is a Pilot school in Bohol. It is a public school in the Philippines under the mandate of the Department of Education (DepED). It was established on February 14, 1977 through the collaborative effort of the Brgy. officials of brgy. Guinacot in Guindulman, Bohol headed by the late Brgy. Captain Feloteo "Loloy" Berondo.

Guinacot National High School (GNHS) is best known for its beautiful landscape, clean and green environment, dedicated and dynamic teachers. It has been a model school and students from other schools always consider it as a tour destination. From its humble beginning of buildings with bamboo walls, it has evolved into a well known institution who produced thousands of graduates already since its foundation years.


As a Public Institution

Guinacot National High School Campus.

As part of the Department of Education, Guinacot National High School is committed to serve the young people of Guinacot and its neighboring baranggays and even nearby towns if the student is interested to enroll. It takes responsibility towards the community where it belongs. Its service is not limited according to social status nor of any nationality. It abides the law of the Philippines as its country and follow orders from the Department of Education Regional and Central office.

As an Educational Institution

Guinacot National High School (GNHS) with its teaching force is dedicated to provide quality education and proper guidance to its students and the parents of the students. It finds ways and means to improve the quality of teaching and learning. It utilizes, appreciate and value the talents, knowledge, uniqueness and creativity of its faculty, staff, students, and the parents. It value the importance of parents as first teachers and guidance counselors, and it is engaged to make a difference in the field of education.


Guinacot National High School Campus.

Guinacot National High School is a progressive institution of learning manned by dedicated, committed and competent school administrator and teachers with a supportive and proud stakeholders thus, producing a highly skilled and morally upright individuals who are ready to face the world of work.


Provides quality education to the learners through adequate learning facilities managed by dedicated and spiritually motivated teachers and participative stakeholders to produce highly skilled and morally upright individuals.

School Seal

Logo of Guinacot National High School.

The School Logo of GNHS is based on the logo of the Department of Education and it bears the following significance:

  • The Torch: symbolizes wisdom, the light that GNHS "should be" to every student.
  • The Light Rays are produced from the torch which emphasized GNHS' dedication to serve not only the people of Guinacot but to any body who needs education. This education is for the young to learn to love, to serve, and to care for his Country. To be educated for a greater Philippines.
  • The Sea Lions: symbol of heraldry or greatness or being a King or a leader. The two Lions are holding Books which implies servant leadership. A Christ-like Leadership.
  • The book symbolizes knowledge/wisdom which is the main goal of the institution.
  • The outer rim contains the school's name- Guinacot National High School, and Guindulman, Bohol where the place of the school is located.
Guinacot National High School Faculty.
Guinacot National High School Faculty.
Guinacot National High School Faculty.

Faculty and Staff

  • Mrs. Roberta G. Marilla → SST-1 I-Honesty
  • Mrs. Corazon Silva V. Vale → SST-I I-Humility
  • Mrs. Gregoria B. Dabalos → SST-II I-Loyalty
  • Mrs. Resurrecion R. Excilise → SST - I I-Unity
  • Mr. Adrian A. Bagtasos → SST-I I-Purity
  • Mrs. Ma. Aracelli C. Escol → SST-I II-Courtesy
  • Mrs. Genara D. Amista → SST-I II-Integrity
  • Mrs. Fe B. Baja → SST-I II-Sincerity
  • Mr. Miguel O. Dela Pena → SST-I II-Fidelity
  • Mrs. Loreta A. Liwagon → SST-I III-Charity
  • Mrs. Perlita P. Licot → SST-I III-Faith
  • Mrs. Liaoba C. Baja → SST-I III-Patience
  • Mrs. Ann Florielym J. Jasmin → SST-I III-Simplicity
  • Mrs. Ruby Ann H. Licot → SST-II IV-Chastity
  • Mrs. Maripres A. Balaba → SST-I IV-Hope
  • Mr. Nestor T. Bernadas → SST-I IV-Love
  • Mr. Bonnie James A. Saclolo → SST-I IV-Prosperity


  • Mr. Efren Torrejos → SEF SST-I TLE IV; MAPEH III
  • Mrs. Gregoria B. Dabalos → SST-II Science, GSP coordinator
  • Mrs. Simeona C. Diango → SST-II TLE II, E.P IV, Canteen Teacher
  • Mrs. Margilyn C. Bernadet → Math III & EP I SEF
  • Mrs. Carmen B. Mapalo → SEF SST-I Filipino II & Araling Panlipunan
  • Mr. Crispino S. Lapiz II → SST-I TLE III, MAPEH IV, CAT I, Facilitator
  • Mrs. Ma. Juris J. Casicas → SST-I Filipino II, EP IV SEF (Province)
  • Mrs. Kristine Marie C. Datahan → SST-I Filipino II, EP IV SEF
  • Mrs. Gloria B. Jamisola → Principal I


  • Mr. Ursulino S. Escobal → Administrative Aide I, Encoder
  • Mr. Eduardo L. Luzano →School Security guard (MOOE PAID)

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