Gregorio Fernandez

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Gregorio “Yoyong” Fernandez (born 25 May 1904 ) is Actor and Film Director


He Nicknamed Yoyong by friends. he made debut as actor films like Anak sa Ligaw (1928) and Ligaw ni Bulaklak (1929) but his first directorial debut was Asahar at Kabaong (1937) and Señorita” (1939) starting Rogelio de la Rosa later he met his furtue wife Marie Paz Padilla whose nicknmae Pillar, they had 13 children include include Rudy whom made his debut Luksang Tagumpay (1956) which which won Best Picture honors at the FAMAS. he made two final films The Macapagal Story (1963) and Daing (1971)