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GrazildaTV logo.jpg
Genre Fantasy
Directed by Dominic Zapata
Starring Glaiza de Castro
Geoff Eigenmann
Yasmien Kurdi
Rio Locsin
and Jolina Magdangal
Opening theme "Kapalaran"
Sung by: Glaiza de Castro
Country of origin Flag of the Philippines Philippines
No. of episodes 14 as of 30 September 2010
Executive producer(s) Wilma Galvante
Location Philippines
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original channel GMA Network
Picture format NTSC (480i)
Original run 13 September 2010 – present
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”Grazilda” is a Fantaserye based on the story of Cinderella’s stepsister. It was launched by GMA Network on 13 September 2010 and was first shown on GMA Pinoy TV two days later. Leading the cast is Glaiza de Castro who was previously cast as the villainess in ”Diva” opposite Regine Velasquez.



Grazilda is directed by Dominic Zapata together with second unit director Ricky Davao. Leading the writers’ team is Kit Villanueva Langit while Chito Sumera is head of production design. Jeremy Ang and the Young Designers Group designed the costumes worn by the Grazilda and the other characters living in Fantasia. <ref>Glaiza De castro's turn to shine in "Grazilda"</ref>

Characters and cast

Main cast

  • Glaiza de Castro as Grazilda — She is banished to the mortal world by the Fairy Godmother as punishment for disrupting the wedding of Prince Charming and Cinderella.
  • Jolina Magdangal as the Fairy Godmother — She is the keeper of peace and destiny in Fantasia. She also serves as the story’s narrator.
  • Geoff Eigenmann as Eric Dominguez — Grazilda’s love interest in the mortal world.
  • Yasmien Kurdi as Cindy — Grazilda’s evil stepsister in the mortal world.
  • Joel Torre as Fernando/Andy — Grazilda’s father.
  • Rio Locsin as Matilda — Grazilda’s mother and Cinderella’s stepmother.
  • Cherie Gil as Veronne — Grazilda’s wicked stepmother and Cindy’s mother.
  • Gwen Zamora as Cinderella — She marries Prince Charming but remains kind-hearted to her stepmother despite the hardships she experienced with them.
  • Benedict Campos as Prince Charming — Grazilda’s first love.

Supporting cast

  • Dominic Roco as Vicente — Prince Charming’s right hand and spokesperson who appears to have feelings for Grazilda.
  • Djanin Cruz as Anatalia — Grazilda’s sister who was left in Fantasia with their mother.
  • Angeli Nicole Sanoy as Jik-jik — The orphan who becomes Grazilda’s constant companion in the mortal world.
  • Caridad Sanchez as Lola Tisay — Eric’s grandmother.
  • Steff Prescott as Tonette — Cindy’s cousin. She helps Cindy in making life hard for Grazilda.
  • Dang Cruz as Celia — The head maid in Fernando’s household.
  • Bodie Cruz as Ben — Eric’s friend.
  • Sunshine Garcia as Precious — The neighbor who is jealous of Grazilda’s closeness to Eric.
  • Polo Ravales as Matthew Dominguez — Eric’s cousin who also appears to be his rival.
  • Jobelle Salvador as Stella Dominguez — Matthew’s mother and Eric’s aunt.



The show provides the other side of the Cinderella tale with the story revolving around the life of Grazilda (Glaiza de Castro) <ref>The New Cinderella</ref> , Cinderella’s wicked stepsister. Grazilda is banished to the mortal world by the Fairy Godmother (Jolina Magdangal), for disrupting the wedding of Cinderella (Gwen Zamora]) and Prince Charming (Benedict Campos) <ref> Isang Kakaibang Fairy Godmother</ref>.

In the mortal world, Grazilda meets her father Fernando (Joel Torre) who is now living with his wife Veronne (Cherie Gil) and daughter Cindy (Yasmien Kurdi). However, his father’s family would not make life easy for her as she will be mistreated like how she mistreated Cinderella.

Despite the sufferings she experiences, Grazilda remains to be the strong woman that she is. In time, she finds her own prince charming in the mortal world in the person of Eric (Geoff Eigenmann). She also transforms from a wicked stepsister into a courageous lady with a good heart—this indeed was the Fairy Godmother’s objective in exiling Grazilda to the mortal world.

Week 1

The story of ”Grazilda” starts in the fairy tale land called Fantasia. Matilda (Rio Locsin), a duchess in Fantasia, fell in love with Fernando, a man from the mortal world. The two elope and have two daughters, Fernanda and Anatalia (Djanin Cruz). The family live together in Fantasia. Unknown to Matilda, Fernando left a lover in the mortal world, Veronne.

However, the Fairy Godmother banishes Fernando back to the mortal world, leaving his family behind. This angers Matilda so she changes the name of her first-born Fernanda to Grazilda. She eventually marries the father of Cinderella and moves in with her daughters to her new husband’s home.

Grazilda grows up longing for her father and tries to remember him by playing his lullaby through the tape recorder that was left with the family when he sent back to the mortal world. She wants to earn her stepfather’s attention and thus, becomes jealous of Cinderella. Matilda learns about the tape recorder, throws it away, and tells her daughter not to show any of her father’s belongings to Cinderella. This only makes Grazilda hate her stepsister even more.

When Cinderella’s father dies, the family is left with nothing but debt. Matilda sells all of her deceased husband’s properties including the painting of Cinderella’s mother. Cinderella eventually becomes the family’s servant.

During a trip to the town center, Grazilda learns about a ball being held by the King and Queen of Fantasia for Prince Charming. She tries to ask for an invitation from the Prince’s right hand. Vicente (Dominic Roco). However the party is exclusively for those of royal blood. Fortunately, she gets invited by Prince Charming himself after she saves him from a sink trap in the forest.

Grazilda, her mother and her sister prepare for the ball and intentionally leave Cinderella behind. Unknown to them, the Fairy Godmother magically provides everything Cinderella needed and the latter makes it to the ball.

At the ball, Prince Charming requests Grazilda to be his first dance. However, Grazilda’s mother takes her away from the ballroom to do a quick retouch. Grazilda goes back to the ball and finds Prince Charming dancing with Cinderella instead.

As with the fairy tale, Cinderella immediately leaves the ballroom at the stroke of midnight, leaving Prince Charming with her glass slipper as a clue to her true identity. The lovestruck prince sets a mission to discover his mysterious dancing partner at the ball using the glass slipper and finally meets Cinderella.

Grazilda, in a desperate move, disrupts the wedding of the prince to his stepsister. As punishment for what she has done, the Fairy Godmother sends Grazilda away to the mortal world, away from her mother and sister.

Grazilda becomes exposed to the complexities of living in the mortal world. She gets robbed, then jailed when she used Fantasia currency to pay for food. After her release, she meets Jik-jik (Angeli Nicole Sanoy) while wandering the streets of Manila. She accompanies the young girl and lives with her in a makeshift shelter under a bridge.

Fernando figures in a minor car accident. Grazilda helps him without knowing that he is her father. Fernando brings Grazilda and Jik-jik to his shoe factory and gives them shelter as a favor. He also gives Grazilda a job at the factory but eventually lets her go after she caused a machine to break down. He hires her as a housemaid instead.

Back in Fantasia, a royal decree is issued to evict Matilda and Anatalia from Cinderella’s home. Matilda shouts out a cry of desperation calling Grazilda’s name. Grazilda witnesses her family’s suffering through a magic glass ball hidden in one of the rooms of her father's house.

Week 2

Grazilda shows the magic glass ball to Jik-jik. Fernando finds out about it so he locks the door permanently. Meanwhile, Veronne, Cindy and Tonette continue to make life hard for Grazilda by asking her to do odd house chores. While Fernando is on a business trip in China, Veronne orders her other maid, Celia, and the family driver to bring the Grazilda and Jik-jik to the supermarket and to abandon the two so that they cannot find their way back to the house.

Grazilda falls in a manhole while walking along the streets of the city. Eric (Geoff Eigenmann), a fireman, rescues her from the pit and finds himself kissing her, which irks Grazilda. She cannot forgive him because she was reserving her first kiss for Prince Charming.

In Fantasia, Matilda and Anatalia go to the castle to speak to Cinderella, but they find themselves forbidden from doing so. The Baron advises Cinderella to remain firm and to not forgive her stepmother and stepsisters. The two become homeless just like Grazilda and Jik-jik in the mortal world.

Grazilda and Jik-jik help an old woman who faints along the street. This old woman shows gratitude by bringing the two to her home after finding out about their fate. The old woman happens to be Lola Tisay (Caridad Sanchez), Eric’s grandmother. Upon seeing Eric in the house, Grazilda decides to decline Lola Tisay’s offer and leaves the house with Jik-jik. Lola Tisay orders her grandson to apologize and bring Grazilda back to their home.

Fernando discovers that Grazilda and Jik-jik are missing and thinks Cindy is to blame. Cindy relates this to her mother, who figures in a heated discussion with Fernando. In the end, Fernando apologizes to their daughter.

Later that night, Veronne hears Fernando utter the name of Grazilda’s mother in his sleep. She asks Fernando about the identity of Matilda but her husband is tight-lipped. The following day, she tells Cindy about the time when Fernando went missing while she was pregnant with their daughter. She further speculates that her husband has another family.

This is confirmed after discovering the magical glass ball hidden in the attic. She also finds a picture of Matilda with her daughter. She confronts Fernando about it but he remains mum.

Lola Tisay tells Grazilda and Jik-jik the story of Eric’s parents. According to her, Eric’s father was disowned by his wealthy family after he had fallen in love with Eric’s mother. Both of them died poor leaving Eric in the care of his grandmother. Grazilda feels sympathy for Eric whom she thinks has the same story as her.

Eric and his team put out a fire at the Dominguez Footwear factory. He argues with the manager, Matthew Dominguez (Polo Ravales) after witnessing the latter violently reprimanding his employees. Because of the commotion, Eric is suspended as requested by Matthew’s mom, Stella (Jobelle Salvador). Eventually, Eric divulges to fellow firefighter, Ben, that Matthew is his cousin.

Fernando confesses to Veronne about what happened the day he left his family for Fantasia. Apparently, he fell from a bridge and awoke in the fairy tale land. Matilda rescued him and helped him recover. They fell in love and had a family. He then assures Veronne that he will forget his family in Fantasia and that he will do everything to keep their family together.

Eric and Ben go on a drinking spree after learning about the suspension order. Matthew arrives and parks his car within the same area where they are hanging out. On his way home, Eric witnesses a bystander throw a rock at his cousin’s car and laughs about it while walking away. Matthew sees him and thinks that he is responsible for the damage. He files charges and Eric is arrested by the police.

Celia and the family driver confess to Fernando about how Grazilda and Jik-jik got lost in the supermarket. Fernando orders them to go back to the supermarket and find them.

Meanwhile, Lola Tisay, Grazilda and Jik-jik go to the Dominguez home to speak to Matthew about Eric’s arrest. They were aggressively driven away by Stella and her guards.



In its pilot episode, Grazilda earned 14.5 percent viewership compared to its rival show, ”Idol”, shown on ABS-CBN. This is according to the ratings survey conducted by AGB Nielsen Media Research in Mega Manila. <ref>Glaiza-Grazilda a nervous wreck</ref>


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