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Grace Poe-Llamanzares
Grace Poefb.jpg
Chairperson, Movie and Television Review Classification Board
Political Party: Team P-noy
Guest Candidate United Nationalist Alliance (until Feb 2013)
Makabayan Coalition
Born: September 3, 1968 (age 44)
Spouse: Teodoro Daniel Misael Vera Llamanzares

Mary Grace Sonora Poe-Llamanzares (born 3 September 1968) is a Filipino politician and philanthropist. She is the adopted daughter of National Artist of the Philippines and actor Fernando Poe, Jr. and wife actress Susan Roces, and half-sister of actress Lovi Poe. She is the former Chairperson of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) in the Philippines, and a Senator of the Philippines since 2013. She is currently running for president in the 2016 national elections.

She is married to Teodoro Misael “Neil” Vera Llamanzares. They have three children, namely Brian, Hanna, and Nika. In one of her interviews, she admitted that she is a film buff and her favorite local movie is In My Life.



Grace Poe is a product of Assumption College from elementary to high school. She initially studied at the University of the Philippines Manila where she majored in development studies but moved to Boston College in Massachusetts, United States where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. She spent much of her adult life in Fairfax, Virginia.


When she was in the US, Poe worked there as a teacher, then as product liaison officer and as product manager.

She returned to the Philippines when her adoptive father, FPJ, ran for president in 2004. However, FPJ lost to the incumbent Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. He died months later. Grace fought for her father's rights over the results of the election and campaigned against alleged electoral fraud.

Poe served as Vice President and Treasurer of the FPJ Productions and Film Archives, Inc. before she was appointed by President Benigno Aquino III as Chairperson of the MTRCB in 2010. As chairperson of MTRCB, she advocated for the further development of the Philippine cinema and television industries.

As MTRCB Chair

As MTRCB Chair, she introduced a new classification system for movies and television, added institutional support to independent filmmakers, and brought together government agencies and media organizations in order to protect the interests of children. This gave birth to Memorandum Circular 05-2011 (Revised TV Ratings), introducing a new set of guidelines on TV Classification by introducing the 'Strong Parental Guidance' ("SPG") in addition to the existing 'General Patronage' ("G") and 'Parental Guidance' ("PG") television content ratings. The memorandum also implemented the pictogram advisory written in full-screen, and verbal advisory about the TV classification before the opening credits of a particular program.

In 2012, through Memorandum Circular 08-2012 (Classification Rating 16), Poe also introduced Restricted 16 ("R16") as an additional Film Classification Rating for movies which have content that is too mature for 13-year-old viewers and too juvenile for 18-year-old moviegoers.

She also organized the first-ever “Child and Family Summit” with the help from DOLE, DepEd, DSWD, Council on the Welfare of Children, and NCCA to protect child actors and young viewers. Together with LTFRB, MTRCB launched a campaign to crack down on PUVs that show age-inappropriate movies. She also entered into a MOA with KBP to strengthen self-regulation mechanisms within the ranks of media.

Under her leadership, the agency surpassed its revenue collection targets and encouraged the creation of new output through the reduction of review fees. The agency also granted 70% discounts on its review fees and provided a review schedule to qualified indie film projects. It also extended financial assistance and helped generate media exposure for selected indie films.

As Senator

Poe ran for a seat in the Senate in 2013. She garnered 20,337, 327 votes. She was the first female Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs. She is the Chairman of the Committee on Public Information and Mass Media and the Sub-Committee on Public Services (Transport Issues); Vice-Chairman of the Committees on Agriculture and Food and Electoral Reforms and People's Participation.

Poe has filed 68 bills and 130 resolutions covering issues on social justice, child nutrition, industrial competitiveness, ecological protection, government modernization and professionalization, and graft and corruption.

On 16 September 2015, Poe declared her candidacy for the 2016 Presidential election.




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