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Glenn Bautista
Born 20 March 1947
Orion, Bataan

Glenn A. Bautista (1947) started as a painter of portraits [43][44][45] [46](1965-2005) and religious [47] [48](1965-1967) objects in the mid-1960s. Through the years, he has utilized various art media that include paintings in oil and pastel, sketches done on hand-made cogon-abaca paper, watercolors and collages using modern paper, and lithography using the litho-press [49] he constructed himself. He has created [50] airbrush murals, street rubbings, bas-reliefs, cut-outs and sculptures in the Philippines, US, Spain, Germany and in other parts of Europe.

Glenn presently enjoys painting in oil on medium to large-format canvases. He is also currently involved in photography and videography [51]. He presently resides in Weatherford, Texas, USA with his wife, Lorna [52][53][54][55] and his son, David is in the Philippines to finish his contract with his band and his studies. [56][57][58][59].

Glenn's 300 Personal Artwork Collection (1963-2008)[60], rather a representation of his collection, may be viewed by visiting his Art Studio [61] (Glenn'Studio) in Imus, Cavite.[62]


Glenn's Art

Glenn's Personal Art Collection [63][64] [65][66](300 artworks) from 1963-2008.

"Total and spontaneous creativity is the principle that moves Glenn Bautista, wide-ranging artist who resist tested formulas and whose prodigious work in diverse media, two-and-three-dimensional, builds a universe of striking, haunting images that continually tease and challenge the mind. If landscapes, his paintings do not have the placidity and finality of familiar land-and-sky vistas but have the uncommon quality of concealing and revealing at the same time. If abstracts, his work, never facile, pose riddles and enigmas that resist categorical answers. If three-dimensional works, they defy conventional expectations in order to extend the meaning and experience of sculpture." - lifted from the book, "The Uncommon Art of Glenn A. Bautista" - by Alice G. Guillermo [67]/ Art Critic

Glenn's Art Outreach

Art Patrons: May contact Glenn for commissioned works within their budget and artwork preference:; --Lorn 21:59, 30 July 2009 (UTC)

Early Life

Glenn's Folk's [1][2][3], wife Lorna & Son, David

GLENN A. BAUTISTA [68][69][70] was born on March 20, 1947 in the little town of Orion [71][72], in Bataan[73], a province in Central Luzon, Philippines[74]. Bataan became historically infamous due to the Bataan Death March[75] during World War II that ended in 1945 when the Americans liberated the Philippines from the Japanese occupation. Obviously, Glenn was a postwar baby. His father, the Rev. Ignacio Pinpin Bautista [76][77][78][79], became a minister of the United Methodist Church in 1945 and served for 39 years. His mother, Eugenia Buenaventura Angeles [80] was a deaconess, a graduate of Harris Memorial College, the only deaconess training school of the United Methodist Church in the Far East. Glenn is the seventh of nine children in the family [81][82].

He completed his education in Manila. His elementary education at the Sta. Ana Elementary School, 1959 [83], his secondary education at the Union High School of Manila, 1963 [84], and his college education at the University of Santo Thomas, 1964 [85] (UST), the oldest university in the Philippines, and at the University of the Philippines[86], 1969 (UP), the highest ranked and only national university in the Philippines.

A thumbnail of Glenn Bautista's The Event [4]

In 1965, Glenn A. Bautista was an advertising student [87][88] at the University of the Philippines. It was during this time that his father encouraged him to submit an entry to an International Art Competition sponsored by an organization for World Literacy and Christian Literature in New York. Out of sixty-four entries from all over the world, Glenn Bautista's "The Event" [89] was declared winner.

Education: UST / UP

A detail from Glenn Bautista's Rizal, pen & ink [5]
It was also in 1963-65 when both his UST (University of Santo Thomas) and UP [90] (University of the Philippines) Fine Arts school plates [91] led to many of his major artworks. One of them was the "Rizal Monument" [92][93], a pen and ink drawing composed of the complete thirty-nine poems of the Philippine national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, and one song, the “A Orillas del Pasig”. This song was translated into English by his late poet friend, Alfredo Veloso [94]. The Rizal pen and ink drawing was on exhibit for about 6 years at the Jose Rizal Shrine at Fort Santiago in Manila upon the request of the former First Lady of the Philippines, Imelda Romualdez Marcos[95][96].

After about a year of study at the University of Santo Thomas, and with UP President Carlos P. Romulo's[97][98] approval, Glenn [99] transferred to the University of the Philippines, College of Fine Arts where he was a consistent university scholar. [100]

In 1967, Dean Jose Abad Santos of the U.P. College of Law, together with Atty. Israel Bocobo, commissioned Glenn to do a mural [101] in honor of the late Justice Jorge Bocobo, the fifth president of the University of the Philippines. The mural is still on display at the UP Law Center library. The Bocobo art work was made into a Philippine stamp and is now considered a very rare stamp
A thumbnail of Glenn Bautista's Bocobo Portrait

In 1969, Glenn graduated from the University of the Philippines with a Certificate in Fine Arts, Major in Advertising. That same year, he was invited by Curator/Writer Emmanuel Torres[102] to hold his first One-Man Show at the Ateneo Art Gallery. UP President (1969-75) Salvador P. Lopez[103], likewise, commissioned Glenn to do a 10'x30'ft mural for his office entitled, "Infinity" [104]. Even then, he displayed great talent in the use of various media. From 1965 to 1968, and again in 1975, he worked with oil on canvas. At other times, he worked with pastels, watercolor, and mixed media. Much of Bautista's work [105] is permeated with religious symbolism reflective of a deep personal piety. His early paintings [106] dwelt on commonplace objects [107][108] infused with symbols of Christian principles and teachings.

His show at the Lor Calma Gallery at Paseo de Roxas, Makati marked the beginning of his "Inner Light Series" [109][110] consisting of 40 art works in oil each on a square format of 50.8 cm x 50.8 cm canvas. The "Inner Light Series"
A thumbnail of Glenn Bautista's Metropolis [6][7], oil on canvas
an extension of his first show dealing with commonplace subjects, explored images of wood, tree trunks, and tree rings. Included in the series was one big piece entitled "Woodscape"[112] which won the Critics' Choice, an annual selection sponsored by the Ma-Yi Gallery under Susan Calo-Medina [113].


BFA / Brooks Institute

In 1970, under the Crusade Scholarships [114] of the United Methodist Church, New York, NY, Bautista went to the United States to continue his art studies at the Brooks Institute of Fine Arts [115][116][117][118][119] in Santa Barbara, California. After two years, upon the invitation of Curator Ronald Kuchta, he joined a Group Art Exhibition with John Cushing [120] and Stephen Samerjan [121] at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. At the same time, the works of the Old Master Impressionist Childe Hassam [122] were on display at the next gallery room. Glenn's works consisted of abstractions in diptychs and triptychs [123] done with the airbrush - - one of which, entitled "Diptych" [124], he donated to the museum, now part of SBMA's art collection.

His participation at the Art Exhibit was critically acclaimed which earned him a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts [125][126][127], Major in Painting, with honors. Subsequently, he held shows in New York at the Philippine Consulate and at Scarritt College in Nashville, Tennessee. As a Crusade Scholar, the Crusade Scholarship of the United Methodist Church in New York commissioned him to do a mural entitled "America".

In Nashville, he was also commissioned, through Dr. Gerald H. Anderson, to do the "Laskey Mural" [128] [129][130][131] to pay tribute to Mrs. Glenn E. Laskey, Ruston, La., former president of the Women's Division of the Methodist Board of Missions. --Lorn 13:54, 7 October 2008 (UTC)

Return to Manila

A poster by Nik Ricio for Glenn Bautista's - In Search of the Divine [8]-(1976)
Glenn Bautista returned to Manila in 1971. Eventually, he held a show at the Rustan's Galerie Bleue. Then First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos was the guest of honor. In this exhibit, he came up with large wall-size "Abstractions" executed with the airbrush. In 1974, he was a Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Thirteen Artists' Awardee. In 1976, he displayed his completed series entitled "In Search of the Divine" [132][133] at the Sining Kamalig. The presentation was highlighted by a night of music with the The University of the Philippines Madrigal Singers[134] and poetry readings by Virgie Moreno [135], Larry Francia, Bobby Cuenca, Betsy Romualdez and Henry Francia.

Study in Germany

Thumbnailcomp of Glenn Bautista's Litho-Prints [9].
From 1980 to 1985, Glenn Bautista [136] stayed in Dusseldorf, Germany where he studied lithography [137][138][139][140] at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf [141] under Professor Rolf Sackenheim [142] , a prominent artist of the city. Under the able tutelage of a Polish teacher, Maria Buras [143], he continued to master the lithographic process of printmaking. Honorary Consul Karl Heinz Stockheim of the Philippine Consulate in Dusseldorf commissioned him to do a mural entitled, "Pilipinas". He also did other highly original works. Among them was a series of art works, "Cut-Outs in Paper & Wood" [144] in 1985, some of which are now permanently exhibited at Galerie Art 204 at Rethelstrasse, Dusseldorf, (as a guest artist) along with the company of a distinguished and influential yet controversial German artist Joseph Beuys [145], and the masters Feininger [146], Ernst [147], Chagall [148], Dali [149] and Miro [150]." All through these years, Glenn spent time with Joseph Beuys at the Kunstakademie in Dusseldorf, Germany together with professors Maria Buras and Rolf Sackenheim. Joseph Beuys passed away after his return to the Philippines. --Lorn 13:54, 7 October 2008 (UTC)

Ms. Alice G. Guillermo, Author'- "The Uncommon Art of Glenn Bautista" [10].


  • 1965-67 - University Scholar [151], Arts and Sciences, University of the Philippines
  • 1965-67 - Art Scholar [152], Children's Museum and Library Inc., University of the Philippines
  • 1965-67 - College Scholar, College of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines
  • 1970-72 - Scholar, Honors, Brooks Institute of Fine Arts [153] [154][155], Santa Barbara, California, Crusade Scholarships [156] of the United Methodist Church, New York, U.S.A.
  • 1964 December - First Prize, "The Event" (tempera) International Christmas Art Competition, New York City, sponsored by the World Literacy and Christian Literature, 475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY, U.S.A.
  • 1967 October - Honorable Mention, "Chinese Garden" (oil), National Student's Art Competition, sponsored by the Shell Company of the Philippines
A detail of Glenn Bautista's UP Oblation [11], pen & ink
  • 1967 December - First Prize, "The U.P. Entrance" [157] (oil), First U.P. On-the-Spot Painting Contest, U.P. President's Committee on Culture
  • 1968 October - First Prize, "Fort Santiago" [158](oil), sponsored by the Shell Company of the Philippines , National Student's Art Competition [159]
  • 1968 UST On the Spot Painting contest, Third Prize / [160], 357th Anniversary of the University of Santo Tomas
  • 1968 December - Second Prize, "Arts and Sciences Building" (oil) Second U.P. On-the-Spot Painting Contest, sponsored by the President's Committee on Culture
  • 1969 March - First Prize, "Main Building" [161](oil) 358th Anniversary Foundation Day On-the-spot Painting Contest, University of Santo Tomas
  • 1969 March - First Prize, "Aguinaldo Portrait Mural" [162](oil) 11'ft x 17'ft, sponsored by the Aguinaldo Centennial Commission
A thumbnail of Glenn Bautista's "UP Entrance" [12], oil on canvas, 1967 December - First Prize, First U.P. On-the-Spot Painting Contest, U.P. President's Committee on Culture
  • 1972 May - Award of Merit, "My First Week at Brooks" Student's Art Competition, Brooks Institute of Fine Arts [163], Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A.
  • 1982-1985 - Guest Student, Lithography, under Professors Rolf Sackenheim and Maria Buras, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf [164], Dusseldorf, Northrein Wesphalia, Germany

Major Individual Works

A thumbnail of Glenn Bautista's Camella Homes Mural [13], an 8'x15'ft Mural, commissioned by Sen. Manny Villar, Las Pinas, Paranaque City, Philippines, 1990
  • 1965 - "The Event"[165] (tempera on board), First Prize Winner, International Christmas Art Competition, New York World’s Fair, New York, N.Y., U.S.A., World Literacy and Christian Literature, NCC 475 Riverside Drive, New York, N.Y. 10027
  • 1966 - August / "Imelda" [166], (oil on canvas) Malacanang Palace, Manila, Philippines / commissioned by the Childrens' Museum and Library Incorporated
  • 1967 - 1969 / "Rizal"[167], (pen & ink on two master's illustration board), Fort Santiago, Intramuros, Manila, Philippines
  • 1968 - "Jorge Bocobo" (mural, oil on canvas), U.P. Law Center, University of the Philippines / this artwork was printed as a Philippine stamp [168]
  • 1969 - "Nationalism" (mural, oil on canvas), Mayon Imperial Hotel, Legaspi, Albay
  • 1969 - "General Emilio Aguinaldo Portrait Mural" [169] Aguinaldo Centennial Commission Art Competition / First Prize Winner
  • 1970 - "Abstraction" (12'ft x 24'ft, President's Office, University of the Philippines, commissioned work by UP President Salvador P. Lopez
A sketch of Glenn Bautista's Diptych [14], acrylic on canvas / an airbrush mural donated to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, California, 1971
  • 1972 - March / "Diptych" [170], Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A.
  • 1972 - June / "America" (oil on canvas, Interchurch Center, New York, NY, U.S.A.
  • 1972 - June / "Virginia Davies Laskey Portrait" [171][172][173] Scarritt College, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.
A thumbnail of Glenn Bautista's Golfscapes [15], oil on English board, The Manila Southwoods Golf & Country Club, Carmona, Cavite
  • 1973 - December / "Zen", Galerie Bleue, Makati, Philippines
  • 1974 - "Mass Media Diptych Murals", Mass Communication Building, University of the Philippines
  • 1974 - "Airbrush Mural" (a one piece 5'ftx9'ft-12 pieces Mural), Prudential Bank, Makati, Philippines
  • 1979 - "Woodscape" [174], Rodolfo Jacob's Office, Herdis Group of Companies, Makati, Philippines
  • 1982 - "Abstractions I & II", Maria Buras [175]/ Rolf Sackenheim [176], Kunstakademie, Dusseldorf, Northrein Westfalia, Germany
  • 1983 -"Blackcomp '85" , Brigitte Schmidt, GalerieArt204, Rethelstr. 139, Dusseldorf, Northrein Westfalia, Germany
  • 1985 - "Philippine Flag", Consul Karl Heinz Stockheim, Philippine Consulate, Dusseldorf, Northrein Westfalia, Germany
  • 1990 -"Camella Homes" [177], an 8'x12'ft Mural, commissioned by Sen. Manny Villar, Las Pinas, Paranaque City, Philippines
Glenn'Studio [16][17][18][19][20] , Imus Cavite, Philippines
  • 1990-2002 - "Glenn'Studio" [178][179], the artist's largest sculpture [180][181][182], Imus, Cavite, Philippines /
  • 1995 - "Golfscape 1" [183], The Manila Southwoods Residential Estates Golf & Country Club, Carmona, Cavite, Philippines
  • 1996 - "Bankscapes", (oil on canvas, murals) Capitol Development Banks, Philippines --Lorn 13:54, 7 October 2008 (UTC)

Artworks Recap

In time, it became clear that the "Uncommon Art of Glenn Bautista"[184][185][186] is not one for the academically conservative and tradition-bound, rather it extends an invitation to the adventurous, being avant-garde in a quite unobtrusive way. Even more, it has made a lasting mark on figurative art in the country today as it has opened numerous options, at the same time that it has engaged in the lively, exciting and highly original synthesis. Bautista, at present, devotes much of his time giving free art lessons [187] to children and adults in Paranaque City. Glenn was a nominee for the prestigious 2005 National Artist Award of the Philippines in the field of Visual Arts as a result of recommendations received from some civic [188][189][190][191] and religious [192] organizations where he has been involved with who are appreciative of his works and efforts. - lifted from the book, "The Uncommon Art of Glenn A. Bautista" - by Alice G. Guillermo [193]/ Art Critic

Glenn's Artworks [194][195], 1963-2008 / A recap of Bautista’s various art works since 1963 include the following:

  • "Sketches" [196][197][198] (1963-1989)
  • "Portraits"[199][200] (1965-2005)
  • "Early Christian Art" [201] - 1965-1967 /"In Search of the Divine"[202][203] (1976)/ "Late Christian Art" [204] -1991-95
  • "Inner-Light Series" [205][206](1975)
  • "Abstractions", Prudential Bank / Makati branch / Mural (1975)
  • "Lithographs and Etchings" [207][208](1976-1985)
  • "Nude Pastels" [209] (1970-1979)
  • "Nudescapes" [210][211]2002-2003
A thumbnailcomp from Glenn Bautista's Cut-Outs[21], paper & wood, Galerie Art 204, Rethelstrasse, Dusseldorf, Germany, 1982-85
  • "Cut-Outs" [212][213]1980-1985Galerie Art 204 [214], Rethelstrasse 139 [215]., Duesseldorf, Germany
  • "Art Photos" [216](1980-1989)
  • "Pencil Pastel Drawings" [217][218] (1981-1987)
  • "Cogon-Abaca Drawings" (1981-1982)
  • "Zenscapes" [219] (1980-1981)
  • "Collages - Rubbings" [220] (1980-2002)
  • Soft Pastels [221] (1981-1991)
  • “Pilipinas” / Philippine Consulate, Dusseldorf, Germany (1983)
  • "Creation" , Photo Series (1982-1988)
  • "Bas-Reliefs" [222](1984)
  • "Cosmic-Futuristic Compositions" [223] [224](1981-1983)
  • "Watercolors" [225] (1982-1988)
A thumbnailcomp of Glenn Bautista's Sculptures [22], gypsum, iron, brass, wood
  • "Sculptures" [226] (1980-1990)
  • "Folded, Cut, Torn Compositions" [227](1989-1990)
  • "Earth/Heaven" 1996-1998
  • "Golfscapes" [228][229], The Manila Southwoods Golf & Country Club (1994-1997)
  • "Earth/Heaven" 1996-1998
  • "Biblecomps" [230] [231]1991-2004
  • "Digicomps" (1998-2005)
  • "Naturescapes" [232][233][234] (2002-2003)
  • "Insects/Photos" [235] 2001-2007
  • "Found Faces" [236][237] 2005
A photo by Tante Tagamolila of Glenn Bautista with his Heaven & Earth Series 2007-08[23][24], oil on canvas, Paranaque City
  • "Heaven & Earth" [238] (2005-2008) Small-Large format Oils

Art Exhibitions

  • 1967 - "Glenn's Early Religious Works" [239], Abelardo Hall, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
  • 1967 - "My Yoke is Easy", Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines
  • 1967 - "Christian Art", Saint Andrew's Seminary, Manila, Philippines
  • 1968 - "Come All Ye" [240], Union Church of Manila, Makati, Philippines
  • 1968 - March / "CMLI Art Scholars Art Exhibition", Philamlife Building, United Nations Ave., Manila, Philippines
  • 1969 - August / "Inscapes" [241][242][243][244], Ateneo Art Gallery, Quezon City, Philippines
  • 1971 - March / "Glenn's Works in Transparencies" ribbon-cut by the U.N. Secretary General Carlos P. Romulo[245] / Arts & Ends Gallery, Savoy-Hyatt Hotel, Manila Philippines
  • 1971 - "On My Way to School", Brooks Institute of Fine Arts Gallery, Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A.
  • 1972 - March / Santa Barbara Museum of Art, California, U.S.A. [246][247], "Three-Man Show", w/ Artists John Cushing & Stephen Samerjan
Jeek's Boys honor a brother and friend, Gen. Voltaire "Volts"[25] Gazmin, A digital artwork by Glenn Bautista, Paranaque City, Philippines / 2007
  • 1972 - June / "America" Inter-Church Center, Riverside Drive, New York, N.Y., U.S.A.
  • 1972 - July / "Pilipinas" Philippine Consulate, New York
  • 1972 - June / "Two-Man Show", w/ Danny Aguila [248] / Scarrit College, Laskey Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.
  • 1973 - March / "Filipino Artists'" Group Show, Sining Kamalig, Manila, Philippines
  • 1973 - December / "Zen Series", Galerie Bleue, Makati, Philippines
  • 1974 - "Thirteen Artists'", Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines
  • 1975 - August / "Inner-Light Series" [249][250], Metro Gallery, Lor Calma Building, Makati, Philippines
  • 1976 - December / "In Search of the Divine", Sining Kamalig, Manila, Philippines
  • 1976 - "U.P. Artists' Group Show", University of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines
A thumbnailcomp of Glenn Bautista's Nude Sketches, pastel & pencil[26], 1978
  • 1977 - October / "Branches", [251][252]Art Associates Gallery, Makati, Philippines
  • 1977 - "Seasons & Generations", Group Show, Cultural Center of the Philippines
  • 1978 - January /"Abstractions", Sining Kamalig, Manila, Philippines
  • 1978 - March / "Balik-Gallery", Art Associates Gallery, Makati, Philippines
  • 1978 - March / "Nudescapes" [253], Ma-yi Associates, Makati, Philippines
  • 1978 - August / "Sambahan" Photography Group Show, Sining Kamalig, Manila, Philippines
  • 1978 - October / "Paintings & Sketches", Sining Kamalig, Regent of Manila
  • 1978 - December / "Religious Paintings", Residence of the U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines
  • 1978 - December / "Christmas Group Show", Luz Gallery, Makati, Philippines
A thumbnail of Glenn Bautista's "Woodscape"[27][28], Critics' Choice, 4x8'ft / airbrush / acrylic on canvas, Manila Mandarin Hotel, 1979
  • 1979 - November / Critics' Choice - "Woodscape" [254], Manila Mandarin Hotel, jointly sponsored by the Philippine Commercial & Industrial Bank and Ma-yi Associates
  • 1980 - October / "Philippine Paintings" - Old & New, Madurodam Complex, Hague, under the auspices of the Philippine Embassy and Philippine Airlines
  • 1981 - November / "Group Show" [255], Dr. Fores Residence, New Manila, Quezon City
  • 1982 - March / "Abstractions", ABC Galleries, Manila, Philippines
  • 1983 - August / "Tribute to Drawings" (Group Show) Gallery Genesis, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • 1984 - October / "First Group Show" - Paranaque - Las Pinas Art Exhibition, Tropical Palace, Metro-Manila, Philippines
  • 1985 - February / "1985 ASEAN Show" National Museum of Singapore
  • 1985 - "Preview of Munich Show" sponsored by the Museum of Philippine Art
A thumbnail of Glenn Bautista's "It's Not All the Rooster's Cry", tempera on photo paper, Art Photo Series[29], 1980-82
  • 1985 - "Cut-Outs", 1980-1985 - March / [256] Galerie Art 204 [257], Rethelstrasse 139 [258]., Duesseldorf, Germany
  • 1985 - September / "Nature & Technology", Gallery Genesis, Mandaluyong, Metro-Manila
  • 1987 - "Halo-Halo", Little Gallery, Cultural Center of the Philippines
  • 1988 - "Fifth Kulay-Tubig", Competition-Exhibition, Gallery Genesis, Mandaluyong, Metro-Manila
  • 1990 - "Seventh Kulay-Tubig", Competition-Exhibition, Gallery Genesis, Mandaluyong, Metro-Manila
  • 1992 - to present -
  • 2006 - "Biblecomps", [259], Fund-Raising for the Projects of Resurrection Parish, BF Homes, Paranaque City, Philippines
  • 2007 - A Gift for "Volts" [260], A digital artwork on canvas by Glenn Bautista / Paranaque City, Philippines, 2007
  • 2008 - "Glenn's Recent Oils '04-'08" [261], an Online Art Exhibition, Kulay-Diwa Gallery of Philippine Contemporary Art, 25 Lopez Avenue, Lopez Village, Sucat, Paranaque City, Metro Manila 1700, Philippines
A drawing by Glenn Bautista entitled Delias Paoaiensis, pastel-pencil[30]

Other Activities

Photos/Texts [262]/[263][264][265]

A thumbnailcomp of Glenn Bautista's Ecumenical Magazine Covers, tempera on board [31]
  • 1964-67 – Artist and Art Consultant [266], Ecumenical Magazine, World Council of Churches, Philippines
  • 1969- Delegate, Visual Arts and Technology Seminar [267][268], University of the Philippines
  • 1970 – President, College of Fine Arts Students’ Council [269][270], University of the Philippines
  • 1970 – Art Contributor [271], New World Outlook Magazine, World Council of Churches, New York, U.S.A.
  • 1970 - Art Contributor, Weekly Nation, Makabayan Publishing Corporation, Philippines
  • 1971 – Art Contributor, Accent on Youth Magazine, Graded Press, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.
  • 1973-74 – Art Teacher, Sining Kamalig, Manila, Philippines
  • 1974 – Art Lecturer, Philippine Christian College [272], Manila, Philippines
A thumbnail of Glenn Bautista's concept plan for the Ideal Filipino Community, article by Glenn & architectural plans by Arch. Edgar Saban [32]
  • 1975 – Art Lecturer [273] Assumption College [274], Makati, Philippines
  • 1976 – Art Lecturer, Union High School [275], Manila, Philippines
  • 1975 – Art Lecturer [276][277], Good Samaritan Methodist Church, Quezon City, Philippines
  • 1979 – Art Contributor , "Pananaw", [278] Official Publication of the National Housing Authority / Volume 2, Number 6, December, 1979
  • 1979 – Judge, Camera Club of the Philippines [279], Manila Peninsula, Makati, Philippines
  • 1980 - Judge, Childrens’ Art Contest, De La Salle Elementary School, Alabang Hills, Paranaque, Philippines
A thumbnailcomp of Glenn Bautista's AAP Covers [33][34], offset printing, 1985-86
  • 1985 – Member, Art Association of the Philippines / Cover Design [280] by Glenn Bautista – AAP 1993 Annual Art Competition Catalogue
  • 1986 - December 12-14 / First AAP National Convention / Angono, Rizal, Program - Brochure [[281]] - Design by Glenn Bautista
  • 1985 – Art Teacher, Lithography, Glentho-Workshop [282], 72, M. Osorio St., BF Homes, Paranaque, Philippines
  • 1985-86 - Art Contributor [283] Philippine Rotary / Regional Magazine of Several Rotary Districts
  • 1985-95 – Butterfly Collector and Art Contributor [284][285], Fil-Kulisap Journal, Philippines
  • 1992 - Author, "The Ideal Filipino Community [286]", Glenn'Studio, Imus, Cavite, Philippines
A thumbnailcomp of Glenn Bautista's EIS-Art Lecture/Nov. 17, 2006 [35][36], European International School
  • 1995-98 – Art Contributor , The Manila Southwood Golf & Country Club [287], Fil-Estate Group of Companies, Philippines
  • 2006 - Art Lecturer [288][289], European International School, [290] (EIS)
  • 2006 - Singer/Composer, "Ang Batang Pilipino",[291]

[292][293] [294][295]

  • 2007 - Art Teacher, Bob Scott Residence, Ayala Alabang
  • 2007-2008 - President Nominee [296], Chairman-International Service Group / Rotary Club of Paranaque Sucat (RCPS) District 3830 [297]
  • 2009 - October - "Member", The Weatherford Art Association [298], Firehouse Gallery & Art Center, 119 West Palo Pinto St., Weatherford, Texas 76086,(817) 599-3278,Email:

Letters to the Artist / Art Criticism / Photos

  • "U.N. Sec. Gen. Carlos P. Romulo Personal Letter to Glenn" [299][300][301]
  • Meetings with Former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos [302][303], Senator Manny Villar, Ms. Baby Angara (opening his Art Exhibit with Genesis Gallery) and fellow artist Mauro Malang [304]
A photo of Sen. Manny Villar [37][38][39] & Cong. Cynthia Villar's visit at Glenn'Studio, Imus, Cavite / 2002
  • Meetings with fellow Artists Alfredo "Ding" Roces [305][306]/, Ramon Orlina [307], Prudencio Lamarozza [308], Ms. Fats Lasay [309] of UP, New Media Art, and Glenn's Artists', Photographers-Journalists' internet group called "Banggaan" [310][311][312][313]
  • From Glenn's Childhood to David's Childhood" [314][315]
  • "Art Criticism"[316] from Art Critics & Friends

A Book on Glenn's Art

"The Uncommon Art of Glenn Bautista" [317] by Alice Guerrero Guillermo [318]

PN Glenn Bautista with 2007-09 RI Vice-President, Monty J. Audenart of Red Deer, AB, Canada, Rotary International DISCON 2008, D3830, MOA, SMX2, Philippines. [40][41]
About the Author: Studied at the College of the Holy Spirit and the Universite'd Aix-Marseille in France as a scholar of the French Government. She finished her Ph.D (Philippine Studies) at the University of the Philippines with the dissertation entitled "Protest/Revolutionary Art in the Marcos Regime". She was the recipient of the Art Association of the Philippines Art Criticism Award in 1976. She also received the UP Chancellor's Award on Best Research in 1996. In the same year she was a Research Fellow of the Japan Foundation in Tokyo. She is married to the poet Gelacio Guillermo and has two children, Sofia and Ramon.

External links

  • DESIGNWORKERS Creative Services:[319]
A thumbnail from Glenn Bautista's video, [[An Ant as a Bridge to Other Ants]][42], Canon Powershot G7, 2007


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  • Permission from Artist Glenn Bautista for Artwork Publication: /Interests & Personality / Interests: [350][351]--Lorn 13:46, 7 October 2008 (UTC)



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