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The Basque mestizo clan of Garchitorena came from Barcelona, Spain. The first four Garchitorenas in the Philippines were the brothers, Vicente, Mariano, Jose and Angel. The first three went to Camarines Sur while Angel decided to stay in Manila. Angel Garchitorena first appeared in history when he, together with other prominent mestizos of Manila including Jose Burgos, serenaded Governor-general Carlos dela Torre. Angel was prominent among those who serenaded dela Torre in July 1896, but not among those imprisoned and exiled in 1872. While the only son of Don Mariano Garchitorena, Andres, was one of Emilio Aguinaldo's general and was part of his Hong Kong Junta 1898. Don Andres Garchitorena won the gubernatorial race in Ambos Camarines in 1919. While Andres' eldest son to Margarite Chereau, also named Mariano, won the gubernatorial race in 1945. After serving Camarines Sur, Mariano (II) Garchitorena was appointed by then Philippine president, Manuel Roxas, as Secretary of Agriculture and Commerce. Andres' grandson, Justice Francis Garchitorena was appointed to the Sandigan Bayan. He served as presiding justice during the Estrada Plunder Case.

Other famous members of the family are:

Hilda E. Garchitorena, a famous 60s Mystique model and was the girlfriend of the late Tanauan Mayor, Banjo Laurel, Jose P. Laurel's grandson. Banjo Laurel died in a helicopter crash in Lupi, Camarines Sur when he was about to propose and visit Hilda.

Jaime Garchitorena, a famous actor and singer. He is the son of SandiganBayan Justice Francis Garchitorena and Ayala Foundation President Vicky P. Garchitorena.

Anjo Yllana and Jomari Yllana, grandsons of Salvador Garchitorena (son of Andres Garchitorena). The are famous actors in the Philippines.

Andres Centenera, son of Dona Rita Garchitorena(daughter of Andres Garchitorena) He was a pre-war famous actor in the Philippines.

Enrique Centenera, born Enrique Garchitorena Centenera, he was a famous journalist and was the recipient of 1981 Premio Zobel.

Luis Garchitorena, he was a fomous writer in the 70s. He was also a recipient of the Premio Zobel 1979.

Note: Not all people who claim as members of this family are really descendants of the first four Garchitorenas. They just claim to be part of our family. Beware of these kinds of people!!!