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Pinoy MD Central is a very useful website which will serve as your COMPLETE ONE-STOP RESOURCE FOR HEALTH-RELATED INFORMATION AND COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF LICENSED FILIPINO DOCTORS/PHYSICIANS/MDs by location (city/province), by hospital/clinic/clinic network, by specialization and subspecialization.


The website will also feature a comprehensive list of all hospitals, clinics, clinic networks found all over the Philippines conveniently searchable by location, with useful information on each including its medical practitioners and services offered.

To the non-medical-practitioner public, it will be a great help when you’re not sure who or where to go to for a much needed medical consultation.

To the medical practitioners, it will be a useful channel for you to reach out to potential clients/patients and boost your practice.

This exciting website is still currently under construction but will be a fully functional tool for your convenience and benefit not too long from now. We're excited to be of service to you all SOON!

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