Fernando Poe, Sr.

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Fernando Poe, Sr.

Allan Fernando Reyes Poe, better known simply as Fernando Poe, was a leading movie actor in the Philippines during the 1930s and 194os. He was the father of the late Ronald Allan K. Poe, better known as Fernando Poe, Jr., a hugely iconic and popular actor. After his son Ronald Allan's rise to fame, Poe came to be known as Fernando Poe, Sr., to distinguish the two. Poe was considered one of the matinee idols of the 1940s, prior to his tragic death in 1951.

Poe had been rumored to be the model of the University of the Philippines’ famous statue — "The Oblation", although it was later revealed that it was actually Anastacio T. Caedo, the student apprentice of Guillermo Tolentino.

Personal background

Fernando Poe married the Irish-American Elizabeth Kelly in 1940. They had six children, namely: Elizabeth, Ronald Allan (Ronnie or FPJ), Fernando (Andy), Genevieve (Jenny), Fredrick (Freddieboy), and Evangeline. Poe and Kelly were married in 1940 after Ronald Allan was born.

Filipino actor Conrad Poe was his illegitimate son by actress Patricia Mijares.

Poe's original spelling of his surname was Pou (pronounced almost like Poe) from his father, the playwright Lorenzo Pou, a Balearic immigrant from Majorca, Spain, who established a mining business in the Philippines. Pou anglicized his name to Poe when he became an actor during the American period.

Fernando Poe died of rabies in 1951 after he permitted a rabid puppy to lick his wound during a movie shoot.

Selected filmography

  • Darna (1951)
  • Forbidden Women (1948)
  • Giliw ko (1939)
  • Zamboanga (1938)



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