Felipe Pardo

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Felipe Pardo

Felipe Pardo, Archbishop of Manila, Philippines (1681-1689)
Died December 31, 1689
Buried at Santo Domingo church in Intramuros

Felipe Pardo, O.P. - was the 9th Archbishop of Manila from 1681 to 1689.



Son from a noble family, he was born in Valladolid, Spain. He entered the Dominican order at the Convent of St. Paul. He went to the Philippines on 1648 to further expand catholicism and later became rector of the University of Santo Tomas. He also became the provincial head of the Dominican order twice and twice as a member of the Inquisition.

Archbishop of Manila

Pardo was appointed Archbishop of Manila on November 11, 1677. His appointment was only made official on November 1, 1681 due to courier delays. He was archbishop upon the arrival of the 1st governor of the Marianas Island. He also received Gines de Barrientos, bishop of Troya, as his guest.

Pardo is notorious for his harsh, vengeful and hard-headed personality. He favored his own order among others. He stripped the Recollects some of their territories and assigned them to the Mindoro island. He ordered all Spaniards to give their church payments to their respective parishes instead to the parish in Bagumbayan. Since most of the Spaniards lived in Binondo, which is under the Dominican jurisdiction the Dominicans were able to get hold most of the payments. He also diminished the properties of the Jesuits from the Galleon Santa Rosa to outshine the Colegio de San Jose in favor of Colegio de Santo Tomas. Because of these biases and favoritism, he came into conflict with many religious orders and the Cabildo.


In his quest to empower the authority of the archbishop in the government, even at the governance of the people and the succession of inheritances, he came into conflict with the Real Audencia and Juan de Vargas y Hurtado, the Governor-General at that time. Hurtado had Pardo exiled in Lingayen, Pangasinan on March 31, 1683. The, Hurtado had a secret agreement with bishop Barrientos to be the acting archbishop of Manila. Pardo was only able to returned to Manila by the order of Gabriel de Curuzealegui y Arriola, the successor of Hurtado. Pardo sought revenge against Hurtado and his other enemies.


Pardo died on December 31, 1689 at the age of 80. He was buried in Santo Domingo Church in Intramuros.

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