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Federico Espino Licsi Jr. (born 10 April 1939) was a poet from Pasig who is considered as the most prolific literary artist in Tagalog. He was also a playwright and fictionist.


Early life and education

He was born on 10 April 1939 in Pasig to Federico Espino Sr. and Paola Licsi. He grew up in a closely knit Tagalog family. He obtained his Bachelor of Literature from the University of Santo Tomas (UST).


Espino has published works in Filipino, English, Spanish, Ilokano, Waray, Bicol, and Ilonggo. He has published around 40 books in two decades of writing. He has aslo translated poems from Africa, India, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and Malaysia into Filipino and compiled them in Mga Tulang Afro-Asyatiko (Afro-Asian Poems), 1975. He was also a contributor of some weekly magazines such as the Free Press and Liwayway.

His collection of poetry include:

  • In Three Tongues, 1963
  • In Three Tongues, Volume II, 1964
  • The Shuddering Clavier, 1965
  • Apocalypse in Word and Other Poems, 1965
  • Sa Paanan ng Parnaso (At the Feet of Parnassus), 1965
  • A Rapture of Distress, 1968
  • Alak na Buhay, Hinog na Abo (Live Wine, Ripe Ashes), 1968
  • Dawn and Down Sitting, 1969
  • Counter-Clockwise, 1969
  • Poems 1965-1969, 1969
  • Burnt Alphabets, 1969
  • Tomo 2, Toreng Bato... Kastilyong Pawid (Volume 2, Tower of Stone... Castle of Nipa), 1969
  • Winnowin Rhythm, 1970
  • Ave en jaula lirica (Bird in a Lyric Cage), 1970
  • From Mactan to Mendiola, 1971
  • Tinikling, 1972
  • Letters and Nocturnes, 1973
  • Puente del diablo, 1973
  • A Poem in Three Movements, 1973
  • Caras y caretas del amor (Faces and Masks of Love), 1974
  • Latigos de luz (Whips of Light), 1974
  • In the Very Torrent, 1975
  • Opus 27, 1976
  • The Transparent Heart, 1977
  • Dalitan at Tuksuhan (Singing and Jesting), 1979
  • Dayalektika ng mga Talinghaga (Dialects of Metaphors), 1980
  • Lightning Rods, 1980
  • Hampas sa Diwa, Himas sa Gunita (Lash on the Spirit, Caress on the Memory), 1983
  • Suharto in Saigon, 1983
  • Christ in Manila, 1983
  • Panghalip na Panao (Personal Pronoun), 1986

Among his published short story collections are:

  • The Country of Sleep, 1969
  • Percussive Blood, 1972
  • Geometrics Bright and Dark, 1981
  • Stories of Love and Lust, 1984
  • The Ninoy Fever, 1984
  • Punlay at Punglo (Seed and Bullet), 1984
  • Lumpen, 1984

Published plays:

  • Lady Macbeth, 1983
  • Dulaan at Tudyuhan (Play-acting and Teasing), 1983
  • Bonifacio and Plaridel, 1984

Awards and recognition

  • Citation, “Most Brilliant Poet in Tagalog”, National Press Club, 1970
  • Third prize for The Ricebird Has Brown Wings, Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, 1973
  • First prize for Toreng Bato... Kastilyong Pawid ang Bagwis ng Guniguni (Stone Tower... Castle of Nipa and Flight of the Imagination), Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, 1967
  • First prize for Counter-Clockwise, 1965-1969, Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature , D1969
  • First prize for Dark Sutra, Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, 1969
  • Third prize for From Mactan to Mendiola, Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, 1971
  • Third prize for Tinikling (A Sheaf of Poems), Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, 1972
  • Third prize for Epistles and Paradoxes, CCP Literary Contest, 1966
  • Third prize for Scope of Movement, CCP Literary Contest, 1974
  • Special prize for Indak at Indayog (Movement and Grace), CCP Literary Contest, 1975
  • Honorable mention for Erotique, Talaang Ginto of the Surian ng Wikang Pambansa (SWP), 1963
  • First prize and “Makata ng Taon” (Poet of the Year) for Oedipus Rex: Siglo XX, Talaang Ginto of the Surian ng Wikang Pambansa (SWP), 1966
  • Honorable mention for “Kung Ikaw Nga ay Purista (If You are a Purist)”, SWP's Gantimpalang Collantes, 1977
  • First prize for “Segkopoula”, Philippines Free Press, 1971
  • Premio de Poesia Ramon de Besterra in Madrid for Tambor de sangre (Drum of Blood), Asosacion Artistica Vizcaina, 1977
  • Premio Fernando Ma. Guerrero, 1978
  • Premio Zobel, 1980


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