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Here are memorable lines from speeches and writings of Filipinos through the ages that are wise and poetic. If any of them aren't really famous...well, they should be, don't you think?

The Filipino is worth dying for.

I prefer a government run like hell by Filipinos to a government run like heaven by Americans.

Rest not in peace.

Not yet, Rizal, not yet. The land has need

Of young blood--and, what younger than your own,

Forever spilled in the great name of freedom,

Forever oblate on the altar of

The free?

  • R. Zulueta da Costa, "Like the Molave"

Without liberty there is no light.

Light is the most beautiful thing in creation. To sacrifice for it is worthwhile.

  • Jose Rizal in Rizal's Own Story of His Life by Austin Craig

Running away from a fight to fight another day is the courage of the sensible.

A man whose sentiments are noble should be more respected than he who is only rich.

A life which is not devoted to a just and high purpose is like a tree without a shadow, or like a poisonous weed.

There is a freshness and a memory in all truth; it has age and yet it is young.

  • Francisco B. Icasiano, "Of Old Things and New"

But, alas, the heart forgets: the heart is distracted; and Maytime passes, summer ends; the storms break over the rot-ripe orchards and the heart grows old; while the hours, the days, the months and the years pile up and pile up, till the mind becomes too crowded, too confused; dust gathers in it, cobwebs multiply; the walls darken and fall into ruin and decay; the memory perishes...


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