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The lives of Filipino mothers remind us of their great sacrifices and dedication to raise individuals who would eventually play important parts in the society. The wisdom and guidance of a mother are a major factor in an individual's success and achievement.

The following is a list of famous Filipina mothers who has brought light and inspiration to the Filipino people, young and old as well as pride to the country:

Tandang sora.gif
Melchora Aquino, "Mother of Katipunan" and "Mother of Balintawak"

Known as Tandang Sora, she is a Filipino revolutionary who assisted the Katipuneros with their mission. She gained the title Grand Woman of the Revolution and Mother of Balintawak for her heroic contributions to Philippine history.

Engracia reyes.jpg
Engracia Cruz-Reyes, "Mother of Filipino Cooking"

Aling Asiang and her husband Alex established the famous Aristocrat Restaurant, making her an icon in the country's food history and culture. Aristocrat is recognized as the Philippines’ Most Popular Restaurant.

Francisca aquino.jpg
Francisca Reyes Aquino, "Mother of Philippine Dancing"

Aside from being known as the “Mother of Philippine Dancing,” she is also an educator and a nationalist. She was named National Artist for her contributions in dance in 1973, the very first woman to receive a National Artist Award.

Gregoria de Jesus.jpg
Gregoria de Jesus, "Mother of the Philippine Revolution"

Known as Aling Oriang, she was the founder and vice-president of the women's chapter of the Katipunan of the Philippines. She was also the custodian of the documents and seal of the Katipunan. She married Andrés Bonifacio, the supremo of the Katipunan, and played a major role in the Philippine Revolution.

Dr. Raquel del Rosario-Fortun.jpg
Dr. Raquel del Rosario-Fortun, "Mother of Philippine Forensic Pathology"

Dr. Fortun is the first Filipino to be formally trained as a forensic pathologist. She is a professor at UP College of Medicine teaching general pathology and legal medicine.

Trinidad tecson.jpg
Trinidad Tecson, "Mother of Philippine Red Cross" and "Mother of Biak na Bato"

She is one of the few revolutionary women who fought side by side with men to acquire freedom from the Spanish colonizers giving her the title of “Mother of Biak-na-Bato” and “Mother of Mercy.” She was also cited as the Mother of the Philippine National Red Cross for her service to her fellow Katipuneros.



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