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Principles in Selecting Pictures for Ethnic Groups in the Philippines


The collage of ethnic groups in the Philippines should contain:
1) An Ilocano
2) A Pangasinense
3) A Kapampangan
4) A Tagalog
5) A Bicolano
6) A Bisaya
7) A Muslim Filipino
8) Tribal folk
9) A Chinese/mestizo/a
10) A Spanish/mestizo/a
Other minorities (Japs, Indonesians, Americans, Germans, Indians)


Should be based on
1) Population size
2) Historical significance

Population percentages as well as historical significance

  1. Bisaya (Cebuano+Ilonggo+Waray+Aklanon+etc=~30million=~40%)
  2. Tagalog (~20million=~25%) (But we don't want 40% of the collage to be Bisaya, or 1/4 to be Tagalog, right? I think as long as we put at least one for each, that would already be OK. No?)
  3. Ilocano (~9million=~11%)
  4. Tribal groups (~10%)
  5. Moro (~5%)
  6. Spanish/mestizo/a - 333 years of Spain... There would have been no Philippines without that experience (Ultranationalist would cringe at hearing this, but as Nick Joaquin would say, there's nothing inevitable with geography)
  7. Chinese/mestizo/a - We could not ignore the Chinese's/mestizo's role in the Revolution and in commerce
  8. Representation should not be based solely on perceived or real dominance in business.
  9. Have an equal number of males and females
  10. Fix the arrangement (like don't put the two tribal girls next to each other)
  11. Try not to have a Manilenyo POV (it is currently dominated by people who live in Manila)
  12. Try to have a mix of people among different professions such as politics, religion, the arts, etc. As much as possible, no teenagers (when did you see Hilary Duff representing white blondes? Of course this would be an exception for anonymous people, like tribal girls, etc.) or local reality TV show contestants (when did you see Flo of The Amazing Race 3 representing Italian-Americans?)


Only public domain/non-copyrighted images will be allowed. Use of copyrighted images in collages are not fair use, and the inclusion of those collages in Wikipedia is prohibited.

Picture quality

  1. A photograph is almost always better than a painting.
  2. Resolution won't be a problem, it would be alright if they're low-res or hi-res.


  • As much as possible, an English-speaking person will know or will have an idea who or what that person is.
  • The picture must be present in an article. In other words, the one pictured must have a Wikipedia article. Redirects and external links don't count

Agreed-upon pictures

Pictures with no opposition and no neutral votes

  1. An aeta girl
  2. Nur Misuari for Moros
  3. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for Capampangans
  4. Raul Roco for Bicolanos
  5. Lucio Tan for Chinese-Filipinos
  6. Jose Rizal for Tagalogs
  7. A tribal woman

Pictures with no opposition but with neutral votes

  1. Manuel Quezon (Spanish-Tagalog)
  2. Jaya (Filipino American?)
  3. Pedro Calungsod (Bisaya)
  4. A Moro Woman
  5. Ferdinand Marcos (Ilocano)
  6. Fidel Ramos (Pangasinense) or José de Venecia, Jr. (Pangasinense)
  7. Pilita Corrales (Spanish mestiza)

Other pictures would be decided upon at the end of the second straw poll.

Pictures in Wikipedia

Dr. José Protacio Mercado Rizal y Realonda

Ph pres quezon.jpg This is copyrighted. Ph pres marcos.jpg Ph pres ramos.jpg

Copyright status

As of 18:01, 30 June 2006 (UTC), only Jose Rizal and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo have public domain pictures.

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