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Ernie Baron

Ernesto Baron (August 15, 1940 – January 23, 2006) was a Filipino broadcaster. He was a pioneer of Radyo Patrol, and was also known as the weatherman for the news program TV Patrol. He was dubbed as “The Philippines' Walking Encyclopedia.”


Career and Inventions

In 1965, Baron started his broadcasting career in Radyo Patrol with the educational program Mga Gintong Kaalaman. This established his reputation as a man knowledgeable in science and trivia, as well as a credible radio personality. Mga Gintong Kaalaman would be the precursor for the more popular program Knowledge Power, a show that explored bizarre and extraordinary facts about humans and their environment. Baron anchored both radio and television formats of the show.

Considered as one of the pioneers of Radyo Patrol, which counts as contemporaries, among others, Rey Langit, Noli de Castro, Joe Taruc, Mario Garcia, Bobby Guanzon and Bong Lapira.

Baron was also the weatherman for long-running television newscast TV Patrol. He started the trend of inserting a little trivia after every show, a practice that is still carried on today by present weatherman Kim Atienza.

When ABS-CBN returned on air after the Marcos regime, he hosted the radio program Knowledge Power as well as its spin-off show on TV of the same title.

Apart from broadcasting, Baron was also famous for exploring Filipino herbal medicine practices. He even started manufacturing and selling “Pito-Pito,” an herbal drink containing seven local plants which he claimed were good for the metabolism. Some medical professionals attacked him for promoting “quack medicine,” but there were no documented major side effects upon ingestion of the said tea.

Other Baron inventions include Lactovitale, which he claimed was a cleansing diet, “Ernyforms” (Energy of Forms) or “Baron Triangle,” which was about focusing cosmic energy from outer space, and the popular “Baron Antenna,” a sophisticated yet affordable television attachment that improves signal reception. Baron also pushed the idea of replacing petroleum with water as fuel for industries and transportation.


Ernie Baron was well-awarded in the broadcasting industry. Among his awards include the “Natatanging Pilipino Award” as Broadcast Journalist of the Year by the Phil-Media Educational Achiever's Inc. (2005), and the Star Award’s Best Educational TV Program Host for Knowledge Power (2001). He was also hailed as one of ABS-CBN’s 10 Most Interesting Personalities in 2001 and Broadcast Journalist of the Year of the Film Achiever's Association in 2005.


On the morning of January 23, 2006 at Muntinlupa, Baron suffered a myocardial infarction which led to his passing at. At the time he was still serving as anchor for the radio version of “Knowledge Power.” He was 65, also He has one daughter, Shirley Baron..




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