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This is the second part of two parts of the plot summary of Encantadia fantasy soap opera (locally known as telefantasya) being aired in Philippine television.

This page will help understand the summaries of the episodes 111-160 of the series Encantadia.

Pirena's death and revenge

In an attempt to save Mira, Pirena seized her chance as Hagorn went to Balaak to find out why there were no Hathors coming back to Lireo. She disguised herself as Hagorn as she went to Lireo. However, the three other Sangg'res, also went to Lireo to save Mira. Lira, just coming from the fight in Ascano, went to Lireo to save her cousin, but was caught by Ybrahim in. There they met each other in the dungeon where Mira is caged.

As Mira is freed from captivity, Pirena, disguising herself as Hagorn, went to the same dungeon. The three Sangg'res fought with her, still thinking that she was Hagorn, and Amihan managed to fatally wound her. Then they went back to Sapiro, leaving Pirena behind, and have a little celebration.

The real Hagorn, who had just returned from the Balaak, found Pirena and thought that she was the one who had freed Mira, and demanded her jewel. Pirena ordered her jewel not to leave her until her death, and for her rage to be felt in Encantadia. Hagorn was terrified. Raging, Asval killed Pirena and had her body left in the desert to be eaten by the uruvaks flesh-eating pashneas (or creatures), if the other Sang'gres can't find her.

Pirena's anger was witnessed throughout Encantadia when an earthquake started and the vast land became dark for a few moments. The three sisters and Ybarro find Pirena's body and take it for a fit burial for a Sang'gre.

Anthony's times in Sapiro and through the rest of the land

Anthony ended up in Sapiro when Wantuk and Apek found them. Once Imaw knew he was the man Lira was loving, Amihan sent Alena and Danaya to take him and bring him beck to the human world so he can never see Lira again because Amihan is very scared that her daughter might be lost from her presence again and refuse to be queen and abandon her mission to love her lover again. When Anthony explores Sapiro, he finds his necklace in Lira's jewelry box and wonders why it is there. He then finds out that Lira is in Encantadia. Alena and Danaya now find Anthony and Rosing and are very mad at them and bring them to the forest. Danaya opens the portal to ak them to go back where they came from. Anthony secretly picks up some soil and hits Danaya, Alena now very angry warns Anthony but Anthony still refuses so Alena hits the ground and plants with power to frighten Anthony. Anthony is now left on the ground sleeping and weak.

Pirena's resurrection

With the help of Lira, Pirena is raised from the dead through a magical leaf that Lira took from Evades after going to a series of trials of the mind and heart. Although Lira wasn't able to answer the riddle of Evades, her heart proves that she is willing to revive her aunt Pirena from a lifeless state. On the other hand, with the help of Arde, the brother of Bathala, Hagorn is able to get the Jewel of the Fire from prior to her resurrection.

Series of attacks in Encantadia

Hagorn now possesses the Fire Jewel and he has set disasters in Encantadia but Amihan, Alena and Danaya are able to stop it because they have more Jewels than Hagorn.

Because of this, Hagorn tries to steal more Jewels but fails. He captures Lira and Pirena in exchange for Amihan's Wind Jewel but they are able to escape with the help of Gurna.

Hagorn tries to attack Sapiro with balls of Fire but Alena is able to repel it. So Hagorn tries another plan to possess the Jewels, he disguises as Aquil so that he can acquire the Earth Jewel from Danaya but he is unable to get it because the real Aquil appeared while getting it from Danaya.

Humans back to human world

As the world of Encantadia weakens Anthony, Manang Rosing and Banjo, Mira casts a sleeping spell to them through a magical dust and transports them back to the human world.

In the human world, Mira sprinkles another magical dust to them and suddenly they forgot everything that they experienced in Encantadia. Mira decides to stay also in the human world and improperly disposed the magical medallion.

For the second try, Mira is able to make Anthony drink the "love potion" and Anthony magically falls in love to her and forgot everything about Lira. But Lira discovers that Anthony is back in the human world, so she goes there to meet Anthony. Upon arriving in the human world, Lira is dismayed because Anthony no longer recognize her. But she gave Anthony the Enchan script that details the long lost history of Encantadia and was said to be written by Raquim. It was prophesied that someone from another world would bring back that script to Encantadia to the rightful owner. Imaw suspects that the prophecy is referring to Anthony.

Truths revealed to Pirena

Long after escaping, Pirena suddenly teleports in the front of Hagorn and steals the Kabilan and attacks both Hagorn and Asval. Gurna rushes to her and stops her saying siya ang iyong ama meaning he is your father. Pirena shocked and angry leaves the Kabilan and teleports.

While Pirena and Lira are on their way to Lireo, Lira tells Pirena that Danaya was the one who healed Pirena. Pirena puzzled and confused leaves Lira in the forest and confronts Gurna. Pirena becomes mad at Gurna but Gurna was able to trick the fire goddess. But when Pirena quests to look for a herbal plant, she approaches Imaw to see the truth through his magical cane. Pirena sees Danaya healing her and now understands. Lira has came back to Sapiro to find her relatives but Imaw tells her that they have gone to Lireo to defeat their enemies. Lira rushes to them but Imaw tells her that she must stay because she's alone. Pirena suddenly says hindi siya nag-iisa, sasama ako sa kanya meaning "she's (Lira) not alone, I'm coming with her". Pirena and Lira smile at each other then they hug. After that, it came to Lira's knowledge that Amihan, Alena, Danaya, Ybarro, and Muros are back with Ybarro hurt. Pirena tells Lira that she now must leave to face something else. She faces Gurna and slaps her twice in the face. Gurna, guilty tells her that the cane is just lying (but the cane never lies). Gurna then tries to affect Pirena but the Sangg'gre refuses to believe.

While Imaw is trying to get some fruits (he passionately wants some of them, then gives up, blaming himself why in this day he wanted them), Gurna sees him and sees his cane on the propped up on a tree. Gurna steals it so it can share no more truths. Imaw blames Pirena because she’s the only one who stole it but Pirena doesn’t get mad and promised to help him find it. She talks to Gurna about this and tells her how coincidentally the cane gets lost while she saw the truth about Danaya healing Pirena. After a few minutes, she follows Gurna and sees her burying the cane under the soil in the forest. Pirena manages to get this cane and looks at another answer to her question. She commands the cane to show Gurna’s real identity in her life from childhood to present. The cane showed her an answer showing how much Minea, Amihan, Alena, Danaya, Lira, and Mira loved her even if she has done terrible things to them all her life. She realizes that they are good, and cries and blames herself for the things she has done. Cassiopeia then tells her that light and darkness comes one at a time, Pirena has been to darkness but now, light is approaching and this is what has been quoted for her.

Facing Hagorn

After discussing a plan, Amihan, Alena, Danaya, Ybarro and Muros went to Lireo to face Hagorn's forces. The five warriors proved to be strong, united and powerful. Hagorn came out and told them that they have no match for his power. He showed them the fire jewel and surprisingly struck Ybarro with fire. Amihan approached Hagorn to attack. Danaya and Alena captures Asval while they had the chance. Hagorn used his Kabilan to fight Amihan but Amihan blocked it with wind. She then pushed the wind going to Hagorn and left with Asval as a hostage and took him to Sapiro as a prisoner. Although, Asval escaped with the help of Aquil.

Aquil's deal with Asval

Meanwhile, Ybarro discovers that a ninja-like warrior tries to steal the kantao (bracelet) from him. It turned out that this warrior is Aquil who made a deal with Asval. Aquil would turn-over the bracelet to Asval in exchange for the liberation of Lireo. Asval's motive of possessing the bracelet is still a mystery but it could be probably related to taking-over Sapiro.

Gurna's punishment

Days after seing the truth, Pirena confronted Gurna to punish her. She told her that why did she believe her nanny and let her nanny stop her from feeling the love of her sisters and mother. She trapped Gurna inside the stone leaving her solid and presumably dead.

The four Sang'gres reunited

Amihan, Alena, Danaya and Lira agreed to look for their sister in the forest. Meanwhile Pirena has blamed herself for the chaos in Encantadia and striked herself with her dagger ready to die. Amihan, Alena, Danaya and Lira are able to find her wounded. Danaya tries to heal her but Pirena did not accept the jewel's healing powers. Pirena told her sister that they must leave so that she may die and Encantadia will have peace and it's better for Pirena to be gone. The 3 sisters and one niece of Pirena tell her that they love her very much and have forgived her for her sins that she has done. She has then asked how they could forgive her when she has done so much things evil and selfish. All of them now speak the truth how long they've forgiven her and loved her inside their hearts even when war was taking place. Pirena now confronts Alena and asks for forgiveness, Alena tells her that she has forgived her eldest sister and would want her back. Then to Lira, but Lira says that she has no wrong doings even if she has, she would have forgotten it already. Then to Amihan because she has sinned the most to her. But Amihan smiles and tells her that inside her heart there has always been love for her sister all along and has forgiven her long time ago and then hugs her. She then talks to Danaya. But Danaya said that she can't forgive her anymore. She can't forgive Pirena if she won't accept the power of healing of her jewel. Pirena accepts the cure to her wounds and Danaya tells her how much she has loved her sister. After a few seconds they all hug like what they used to do when they were still young until the time came before their mother had died.

Amihan and her father’s sword, reunited once more

(To understand this part better, read the episode when Hagorn attacked Amihan, Ybarro and the soldiers in the Mandirigma camp and then Hagorn broke Amihan’s sword. Pirena suddenly saw the sword of Amihan broken and then she picked it up.)

While Amihan and Lira had some mother-daughter time, Pirena teleported inside. She told them that she went to Lireo to get something from her materials left in the palace. She then gave Amihan a sword as a sign of her thank you. Amihan told Lira that this was no ordinary sword but the sword of Raquim, her father. She burst into tears of joy and hugged her sister happily.

A feast for the Sang’gres and another attack on Lireo

After being united once again, the Sang’gres and other companions for the good side hold a feast. While talking at a table, Imaw asks the Queen Amihan how she feels about being united again. Amihan says that she’s very happy that their power will be much stronger now that all elemental goddesses are reunited as one together. She told them that they must face one more great war with Hagorn and after which will be able to go back to their kingdom and their home, Lireo. Amihan looks at her sisters and tells them that the four of them have to be first in the war. Pirena says she agrees to whatever her sister decides and concurred with Alena and Danaya. Amihan walks to the end followed by Pirena, Alena and Danaya. They turn their faces back and Alena first disappears, then Danaya, Pirena and finally Amihan. Alena changes her clothes from corals, shells, sea clothes for a Sang’gre to clothes with hard pearls, corals, shells for battle. Danaya changes from animal shaped skin and cloths made from plants for a princess to a battle outfit with leaves. Pirena changes from a red and yellow dress to a battling outfit designed with lava and fire. And Amihan from winged and cloud designed princess clothes to an armor with wings, clouds and feathers. These were shown with their elements symbolizing their powers. The four attack Lireo and kill every Hathor that approached them. Amihan tells them that they have to go back to Sapiro if they are not sure about the danger ahead.

Anthony and Lira see each other again

Mira realizes that Lira is the one supposed to be for Anthony. After thinking, she found the medallion in the garden and opened the portal to leave for Encantadia. Anthony and Mira sat down to discuss something but Mira instead cries and her tears brought back the memory of Anthony. Mira brought Anthony to Sapiro to see Lira. Anthony and Lira meet in Sapiro but with the other diwatas nervous and angry. Amihan saw the script of her father in Anthony’s hands and asked for it but Anthony won’t give it because that’s the only reason they’ll let him stay with them. Amihan is mad and angry and even tries to hurt him with her powers but Lira stopped her. Through Anthony’s times, he felt weakness inside his body.

Queen Amihan versus Anthony

While Anthony was listening to some soldiers that a diwata may not surrender in a fight, he then approaches Amihan and asks for a fight. He tells her that if he can prove that his love for Lira is true, she would let him leave with Lira to the world of humans. Lira gets annoyed with Anthony and doesn't mind him for a while.

The day comes Amihan comes with a plan. She duplicated Lira into around 30 Liras. Anthony picked one and told Amihan that she is no Lira then another one and told her she is Lira. His choice was right bu Lira still won't go with him back to the world of humans. Anthony loses his strength and faints. Ybarro tries to heal him but nothing happens. Anthony suddenly dies but Lira's love brought him back. Lira escorts Anthony back into the portal and says goodbye because she doesn't need him anymore. Anthony leaves slowly and heartbroken.

Mira to turn to evil

Hagorn imprsioned Mira in the volcano of Lavanea. Lavanea, then asks her to give her her heart because she has no heart and doesn't feel anything ever since the jewel of fire created her. Lavanea steals Mira's heart and Mira becomes evil siding with Hagorn. Pirena and Alena challenge Lavanea. Lavanea was easily beaten so she tried to leave the battle. With the help of Alena's magestic voice, Lavanea was forced to go back. Pirena came up with a plan for Alena to hurt her and make her daughter's heart feel her mother. Lavanea sees the pain and gives the heart back.

Mira's death

After Pirena and Alena get back Mira's heart, Pirena approaches Lireo to see her daughter. She gives her daughter's heart back and challenges Agane. Pirena proves to be strong and hostages Agane but Asval arrives hostaging Mira in return. Pirena released Agane but Asval didn't release Mira and killed her. Mira looses her energy so Pirena wants to go to Sapiro to ask for medicine from Ybarro but Mira said that she wants to stay in her town and her kingdom. Pirena promised her that she will avenge her daughter's death screaming You will pay for this Asval.

Danaya's return

After Hagorn captures Danaya, Asval frees her asking for her jewel but Danaya remains hard as a rock. Asval then kills her and traps her inside a cave and covered it with a rock. Then suddenly, flowers bloom in the stone covering the door. Amihan asks Aera to find Danaya and Aera triumphs finding her dead. Aera cries and her tears have found Danaya. Danaya is revived explaining that the flowers have taken care of her and Aera was the one who woke her up.

The Final Battle between the Hathors and the rest of the kingdoms of Encantadia

Hagorn visits the Balaak to talk to Baltimus, the first ruler of Hathoria and the first holder of the jewel of fire. Baltimus gives him a scroll and asked him to brong it to the forest and light it with fire. Hagorn did what he asked and dead warriors and warrior spirits were brought back to life. The Sang'gres prepare for battle. They settled it in the shore where the great battle of Encantadia occurred during Raquim, Armeo, and Minea's time. At first only Amihan, Alena, Danaya, Pirena, Lira, Ybarro, Aquil and the Adamians, Diwatas and Mandirigmas were present being outnumbered. Asval commands that the Adjantaos be the first to attack but the Adjantaos sided right away with Amihan' forces. They ready the catapult and kill the Hathors. Asval and Agane's forces ready the cannon but Alena blocked all of their attacks. Hagorn and his new companions arrive and begin Amihan asks to fight. They attack the Hathors and kill them but the new companions of Hagorn were hard to defeat. They return to their base and almost surrender but the first queen of Lireo, Cassopeia arrives telling Queen Amihan that her help has arrived. Cassiopeia holds a sword presenting the Adjantaos, the Barbaros, and the Mulawins and even tells her that the help is not yet full. Amihan and her companions become confident and remain strong and walk approaching their enemies. Amihan, Alena, Danaya, Pirena, Lira, Ybarro, Cassiopeia, the Diwatas, the Mulawins, the Adjataos, and the Barabaros all approach to win their battle.

The End of the War

After help approaches, Amihan's side outnumbers and outstrenghts their enemies. Alena approached Agane and Hitano fighting them at the same time like two against one. Alena proved to be really one of the greatest warriors like her sisters by not even getting hurt. She beat down both Agane and Hitano. When Alena slashed Agane, Agane fell down and Alena blocked Hitano's hit. Hitano then remembered his past life as a Diwata hoping for Alena's love. He called Alena Akesha and Alena recalled. Agane was about to hit Alena but Hitano blocked it and instead hit Agane back making her injured. Agane then strikes Hitano dead then Alena kills Agane with her power. Hitano then says his last words, "Through all the times we've been through, you're the one I still love." then he turned to his former form and asks for forgiveness. Alena forgives and hugs him while he dies.

Aquil on the other hand, was hit by an opponent's weapon. Danaya tried to heal him but Aquil said no and also said being with her was already enough. He said "E corre diu" and "Mahal Kita" meaning I love you in both Enchanta and Tagalog language respectively. Danaya says the same and watched her loved one die. Alena and Danaya hug them with sadness in their hearts.

While Lira was defeating Hathors, Cassiopeia helped her and threw energy balls and killed more Hathors. More Hathors were on their way but Cassiopeia said that the remaining help has come. Through a portal, both King Armeo and Kahlil came all the way from Devas. They killed the remaining Hathors and the Warrior Spirits and after that left telling Lira goodbye and said to her to tell her father that they will still see each other.

Meanwhile, Amihan approaches Hagorn to have a duel. She tells him that this is the time when she will have her revenge and have peace but Hagorn told her that after this war, she will now meet her father Raquim in Devas. Amihan then strikes Hagorn's Kabilan with her father's sword proving that power doesn't come from the sword but by the way the warrior holds it. After hitting and blocking she slashes Hagorn's face like the way her father slashed it before. Amihan screams, "Now your face is equal." Hagorn got mad and stood up and continued their match. While Amihan wasn't looking, he suddenly striked her with the Kabilan's powers. Amihan stayed in the ground and Hagorn was about to kill her but Pirena comes to the rescue blocking Hagorn's attack. Pirena tells Hagorn "Before you die, answer me this, are you really my father?" and asks it three times. She loses her patience and attacks but Pirena was confused and Hagorn easily beats her almost killing her but Amihan finally strikes Hagorn. While Hagorn was dying, he was about to answer Pirena's question and shows the Jewel of Fire. Pirena grabs the Jewel and then Hagorn dies. Amihan accompanies her sister and they both leave.

The war ends with the battle of Ybarro versus Asval. Ybarro tells him that "Didn't I tell you that this war will end with your death?" Asval then tells him, "Can you really kill your own blood?" but Ybarro answers "I never considered you as my own blood.". The match begins with fighting with their weapons. At first, both of them are equal. They then have a hand to hand fight but Asval cowardly gets his axe same with Ybarro getting his sword. Ybarro was able to hit Asval and Asval hits Ybarro too. Ybarro quickly hits Asval one more time and kills him this time. Asval quickly gives Lira's kantaw (bracelet) back and tells him, "The kantaw is the key to the hidden treasures of Sapiro. I only wanted it so I can put Sapiro up again and rule it. Do what's right Ybarro and put back our kingdom." That was the end of the war between the Hathors and the three other kingdoms of Encantadia.

Sapiro's revival

After the war, Ybarro was crowned as King of Sapiro in his kingdom. At last, Prince Ybarro, the Adjantaos, and the Barbaros have once again raised Sapiro as a kingdom. Ybarro and Wahid explored the kingdom in search of the hidden treasures. He found a wall needing two keys. The keys were the kantaws of Ybarro and Lira. Ybarro unlocked the door and there appeared the riches that King Armeo hid for his son, Ybarro.

The Four Elemental Jewels of Encantadia are back as one again

After the Diwatas pray to Bathala that all those whom have died be accepted in Devas to find peace, Lira and Cassiopeia said that the mission is not yet done for the four jewels must be back as one. Pirena put out her fire jewel and said that she's ready then Alena, Danaya and Amihan. The holders asked their jewels to be back as one and after just a few seconds the stones became one big diamond like the time when the jewel was one before Cassiopeia divided it.

The Jewel rose up and a bright light appeared and there came Queen Minea, the mother of the four Sang'gres. Minea talked to them one by one. First she talked to Pirena and Pirena asked for forgiveness but her mother said "Pirena my eldest one my most loved one, you've done nothing wrong for you've already seen the light and whatever you have done is already finished for now I'm facing a new Pirena". Then Minea talked to Alena saying "Alena, I felt every pain you've been through, you're pain was so strong that you fell in darkness but now you've seen the light. I praise you for you have been strong all this time with your love. Before, your heart was weak but now it's your strongest power I really praise you". After talking to Alena, Minea tells to Danaya, "Danaya, my youngest one, my strong smallest one, you were so strong and hard as a rock but you also learned hot to loose and became soft, you are brave, and honest to your kingdom, I also praise you my Danaya." Lastly Minea talked to Amihan but Amihan said, "No mother, I'm not worthy of your praising, because of me Lireo fell down ." but the former Queen said, "You are very worthy of my praising for you became strong and powerful". After talking to them one by one, she said she was about to leave and the sisters said that they need her with them here and their mother said, "You don't need me here anymore because the joining of your jewels symbolize your love and my love for each other, take this jewel and take care of it because you will take care of it your whole life." Before Minea left, the four Diwatas took the jewel altogether and keep it.

The new Queens of Lireo and Sapiro

After Queen Minea left to go back to Devas, Amihan got her crown and placed it on Lira as new queen of Lireo. Lira said, "The prophecy has been fulfilled and I am the new queen, but not for long, because I want to pass the crown to the rightful person. Mother, I am asking for your blessing to go back to Anthony so I can be with him for the rest of my life". Amihan then let her go back to the human world and stay there so that she may be happy. Amihan then asked Imaw who should be new Queen and Imaw said, "The next one of the sisters, Alena." but Ybarro arrived and said "No, I won’t accept it. Alena, I want to ask you to be with me as Queen of Sapiro.” Alena then hugged Ybarro and accepted his offer. Lira then told Danaya that she is the rightful Queen. Danaya was surprised for she didn’t want to be Queen anymore; she wanted to be one only when she was younger. Her sisters told her that she would be a good Queen for Lireo and a good queen for the throne. Pirena and Amihan have had their time with the throne but now it is high time for Alena and Danaya to be the queens of Sapiro and Lireo, respectively.

The birth of a new Sang'gre

Anthony and Lira got married and lived in the human world until Anthony got old and died. Because Lira, being a Diwata, didn't undergo the process of ageing, she went back to Encantadia and asked Cassiopeia to let her die and be reunited with Anthony. Lira got her final wish and was reunited with Anthony. During Lira's wake, Cassiopeia pulled strands of Lira's hair and from that hair and Cassipeia's blood, Cassiopeia created Lira's child. She named the conceived infant Cassandra, and she said, "You are Cassandra, daughter of Lira. You will have eternal life and everlasting peace will reign because of you." But at that time, darkness loomed over the skies of Encantadia as the ruins of an ancient kingdom arose from its ashes as if signifying the eventual restoration of its power and glory.

(The series has already ended last December 9, 2005 but the story continues in Etheria. For more information regarding the plot summary of Etheria, please see Etheria)