El Filibusterismo Chapter 4 summary

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Tales initially worked as a laborer for a capitalist. When he had amassed enough resources, he went off and cultivated his own land. However, his wife and eldest daughter died from malaria. When harvest time came, a religious corporation laid claim to his land. However, they left the land to him on the condition that Tales would pay them thirty pesos each year.

The rent rose to fifty pesos the following year but Tales, being a peaceful man, paid the sum. Eventually, Tales realized his dream of living in a wooden house in the barrio of Sagpang. And so Tales was appointed cabeza de barangay, thus, becoming Cabezang Tales. With his new position, he brought himself a sack coat and a felt hat. His father, Tandang Selo could only comfort him by liking the situation to a cayman.

When the religious corporation demanded two hundred pesos rent, he decided to fight the lawsuit against him for not paying the rent. With his money almost depleted, he patrolled his land with a shotgun. When an ordinance prohibiting the use of firearm, he used a bolo. When the length of the bolo was prohibited, he used an axe.

Unfortunately for Cabesang Tales, he was abducted by tulisanes and demanded a five hundred pesos ransom. His family was distraught over the situation and resolved to raise the money but was short of two hundred and fifty pesos. With no other recourse, Juli, the girlfriend of Basilio, borrowed money from Hermana Penchang in exchange for her working as a servant.




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