El Filibusterismo Chapter 3 summary

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The passengers on the upper deck amused themselves by telling stories and legends of interesting spots along the river.

Father Florentino was the first to share the legend of Dona Jeronima. A student once made a promised to Dona Jeronima that he’d marry her. However, year after year, Dona Jeronima waited faithfully for him but to no avail. Upon learning that he became an archbishop, she went and asked him to fulfill his promise. Not being able to do so, the Archbishop then ordered the cave prepared as her new home. It is also where she died and buried.

Father Salvi was the next to share his story about the miracle of St. Nicholas. One day a Chinaman, who refused to be converted was about to be devoured by the devil disguised as a cayman. The Chinamen then suddenly called upon St. Nicholas and the cayman turned into a rock. Salvi boasted that he had clearly made out the head.

Upon entering the Lake, Ben-Zayb then thought of the death of Ibarra that took place thirteen years before. The captain then told the passengers of the chase that happened that night. All the passengers were very much engaged in the discussion except for Simoun, who Ben-Zayb thought is sea-sick.




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