El Filibusterismo Chapter 33 summary

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Immediately upon his released, Basilio went and see Simoun. At his home, he made his intentions clear that he wanted to join his revolutionary efforts. For Basilio, his imprisonment was God punishing him of how he had forgotten his mother and brother’s death.

This delighted Simoun and he led Basilio to his laboratory where he showed him the lamp that would he would used as a bomb. The lamp was filled with Nitro-glycerin and this would be placed at the dining-kiosk of the fiesta in celebration of Juanito Pelaez and Paulita Gomez.

Simoun then informed Basilio of his task. Once the uprising begins, Basilio is to direct the others who’d like to take arms against the Spaniards to the warehouse of Quiroga, where the rifles are kept. After which, he and his group is to seize the bridge and throw up the barricades. Their mission is to kill all of the people not with them in their revolution.

Simoun went on to explain the significance of their quest. The world will applaud their efforts. Basilio relented. Before parting ways, Simoun gave a revolver to Basilio and instructed him to go far away from Calle Anloague at nine in the evening.




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