El Filibusterismo Chapter 32 summary

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The effects of the Pasquinades were different for the students. Pecson, Tadeo and Juanito Pelaez were all suspended form their classes. Tadeo jubilantly burned his books. Juanito Pelaez, who is set to marry Paulita Gomez, gets engaged in his father’s business. Isagani passed the subject he takes under Father Fernandez, while Sandoval confused the examining-board with his oratorical skills. Macaraig set out immediately for Europe. Basilio remained in jail and learned of Juli’s death through the former cochero who passed by the Bilibid and informed him of the news.

Simoun had recovered from his health and is also busy with Juanito Pelaez’s marriage to Paulita Gomez. He and Don Timoteo Pelaez became business partners and it was rumoured that Simoun arranged for the Captain-General to honor their wedding. All of the Manilans wish to be invited to the fiesta and




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