El Filibusterismo Chapter 29 summary

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Captain Tiago dies and had an exceptional funeral. Father Irene was assigned to be his executor. He will part of his property to St. Clara, part to the Pope, to the Archbishop, the religious corporations and twenty five pesos for the education of the poor students. Because of Basilio’s ungrateful conduct the past two days before he died, he did not leave anything for him. But Father Irene promised he’d take it upon himself to grant the twenty pesos inheritance that was due of him.

His death was even reported as miraculous, having appeared to the nuns when he was dying. The people concluded he was saved because of the pious legacies and the numerous masses he had paid for. They also discussed what kind of clothing to put on him. There were several suggestions but in the end, Father Irene decided that he dressed in one of his old suits of clothes, remarking that God pays no attention to clothing.

Dona Patrocino envies him and wished that she also die the following day so she can order more sumptuous obsequies. And her funeral should impress the people.




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